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Irish Times (Simplex) – Sep 5 2018

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Clues Answers
Clock, watch TIMER
Couch, sofa SETTEE
Descend a mountain using ropes ABSEIL
Developing into BECOMING
Event, occurrence INCIDENT
Examined carefully INSPECTED
Extolled LAUDED
Floor covering RUG
Foreign, very strange ALIEN
Fruit preserve JAM
Go without food STARVE
Impair or cause injury to DAMAGE
Interrupt abruptly INTERJECT
It pains one to be out in this country SPAIN
It’s propelled with a paddle CANOE
Lyric poem ODE
Member of a company board DIRECTOR
Metal shackles IRONS
Microscopic organisms BACTERIA
Non-speaking actor EXTRA
Obligations, responsibilities DUTIES
Open to everyone PUBLIC
Pinpoint the position LOCATE
Psychological suffering DISTRESS
Public road in a conurbation STREET
Put into proper order ARRANGED
Resemblance in the sounds of words ASSONANCE
Standards of perfection IDEALS
Strike lightly TAP
Surfaces for ice- or roller-skating RINKS
Take place OCCUR
The business of government POLITICS
They enter by force to conquer INVADERS
Tread them in the theatre BOARDS
Vegetables of a certain hue GREENS