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Irish Times (Simplex) – Sep 6 2018

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Clues Answers
50th US state HAWAII
A single time ONCE
Agreement between states TREATY
All the colours of the rainbow SPECTRUM
All untamed creatures WILDLIFE
Be present at ATTEND
Carry out business TRANSACT
Container that releases liquid in a fine spray ATOMISER
Cut back, cropped PRUNED
Descriptive words or phrases EPITHETS
Die down SUBSIDE
Disclose, make known REVEAL
Dynamic, functioning ACTIVE
Expedition to observe animals SAFARI
Frightened suddenly STARTLED
Gets to one’s feet STANDS
Harvest, yield CROP
Islamic law SHARIA
It lies between Britain and Scandinavia NORTHSEA
Mexican monetary unit PESO
On a floor above UPSTAIRS
Pointed weapons SPEARS
Put money into in expectation of profit INVESTED
Rude and boorish CHURLISH
Shaped as a ring CIRCULAR
Sharp pain in the side STITCH
Speak sotto voce WHISPER
Substances obtained by mining MINERALS
Took one’s ease RESTED
Turn upside down in a search RANSACK
Word of warning to golfers FORE
Workers’ restaurant CANTEEN