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Irish Times (Simplex) – Sep 7 2018

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Clues Answers
… of mind, the ability to remain calm and act quickly PRESENCE
Apprise, notify INFORM
Brightly-coloured tropical bird PARROT
Bring in from abroad IMPORT
Careful investigation into a subject RESEARCH
Caution, regard for safety CARE
Certificate of insurance POLICY
Cry weakly or softly WHIMPER
Directions for cooking RECIPE
Disapprove strongly DEPLORE
Every 3,600 seconds HOURLY
Excessively ingratiating UNCTUOUS
Exists in large numbers or amounts ABOUNDS
Extremely dry ARID
Give up a claim RENOUNCE
Having a natural aptitude or skill TALENTED
In addition MOREOVER
It impedes free movement BARRIER
Lines of waiting people or vehicles QUEUES
Major blood vessels ARTERIES
Male relatives UNCLES
Not active or at work IDLE
Of Cancer or Capricorn TROPICAL
Of the sub-continent INDIAN
Plant that lives and dies within a year ANNUAL
Profit earned on money RETURN
Rough calculation ESTIMATE
Secure against leakage SEAL
Strange, odd PECULIAR
Tying up a boat at a dock BERTHING
Unit of temperature DEGREE
Way of thinking about something ATTITUDE