Jonesin’ – Apr 17 2018

Clues Answers
‘And many more’ ETC
‘Caprica’ actor Morales ESAI
‘Dallas’ family name EWING
‘Hope you like it!’ ENJOY
‘I hadn’t thought of that’ GEE
‘I Need a Dollar’ singer Aloe ___ BLACC
‘I’d like to speak to your supervisor,’ e.g ESCALATION
‘Oh yeah? ___ who?’ SEZ
‘Okay’ SURE
Actor Johnny of ‘The Big Bang Theory’ and ‘Roseanne’ GALECKI
Almost on the hour TENTO
Be active in a game, e.g TRYTOWIN
Be way off the mark MISAIM
Beethoven’s Third Symphony EROICA
Branch of govt DEPT
Brian once of Roxy Music ENO
Calculus for dentists TARTAR
Cart food served in a soft corn tortilla STREETTACO
Cave ___ (‘Beware of dog,’ to Caesar) CANEM
Complete opposites ANTITHESES
Connection to a power supply ACOUTLET
Cork’s country, in Gaelic EIRE
Cost-of-living stat CPI
Country east of Eritrea YEMEN
Customary to the present ASWEKNOWIT
Depletes USESUP
Double-decker, e.g BUS
Feel unwell AIL
Flip option TAILS
Follower of Lao-tzu TAOIST
Former U.N. Secretary General Hammarskjöld DAG
Fur trader John Jacob ASTOR
Going from green to yellow, maybe RIPENING
Golf club brand TITLEIST
Hydrocarbon suffix ANE
Clues Answers
Inventor Whitney ELI
Investigation Discovery host Paula ZAHN
Island where Napoleon died STHELENA
Lacking, with ‘of’ DEVOID
Lead ore GALENA
Like some geometric curves HYPERBOLIC
Make further corrections REEDIT
Makeup with an applicator MASCARA
Minimalist to the max BAREST
Namibia’s neighbor ANGOLA
Nasty EVIL
New Bohemians lead singer Brickell EDIE
Not quite improved? NEW
Novelist Lurie ALISON
Obtrude IMPOSE
Open-reel tape precursor to VCRs (and similar, except for the letter for ‘tape’) VTR
Oscar ___ Hoya DELA
Phone-based games where quizzers often play for cash prizes TRIVIAAPPS
Pivot on an axis SLUE
Popular request at a bar mitzvah HAVANAGILA
Recombinant stuff DNA
Rolls over a house? TPS
Short religious segment on old TV broadcasts SERMONETTE
Solitary LONE
St. Tropez summer ETE
Swing to and fro OSCILLATE
Takes an oath SWEARS
The day before the big day EVE
They’re silent and deadly NINJAS
Traverse CROSS
Truck compartment CAB
TV host Bee and blues singer Fish, for two SAMANTHAS
Uncommon example RARECASE
Word after coffee or time TABLE (Black Eyed Peas member) APL

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