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Jonesin’ – Apr 21 2020 – Puzzle Answers

Published in Jonesin Crossword.

Clues Answers
‘Abnormally Attracted to Sin’ singer Tori AMOS
‘Blue Rondo ___ Turk’ (Brubeck song) ALA
‘Ceci n’est pas ___ pipe’ (Magritte caption) UNE
‘Go ahead, ___ you!’ IDARE
‘Prêt-à-Porter’ actor Stephen REA
‘That ain’t good’ UHOH
‘Whatever’ MEH
*Brooklyn neighborhood, colloquially BEDSTUY
*City in southern Ontario, a little over an hour from Toronto KITCHENERCANADA
*Country home to Legoland DENMARK
*Largest city in Somerset, known for Roman-built spas BATHENGLAND
*Portland thoroughfare often mispronounced by visitors (it’s an ‘oo’ as in ‘boot’) COUCHSTREET
2010 Eminem song featuring Lil Wayne NOLOVE
Actress Day of Hitchcock’s ‘The Man Who Knew Too Much’ DORIS
African antelope with curvy horns KUDU
Back-of-the-book material ADDENDA
Backside TUSH
Battle of Hastings combatants SAXONS
Be changeable VARY
Beginning stage ONSET
Believer in spiritual unity BAHAI
Big figure in pop? WEASEL
Blasts of wind GUSTS
Bobcat’s cousin LYNX
Boxer’s move JAB
Breeze SNAP
Circus performers CLOWNS
Cleverly skillful ADROIT
Concert wear TEE
Cry of pain YOW
Door frame parts JAMBS
Dressing named for the type of location where it was created RANCH
Extemporaneous response ADLIB
Fictional anchorman Howard of ‘Network’ BEALE
Fish tank buildup ALGAE
Fish that goes into some British pies EEL
Flavor quality SAPOR
Follow logically ENSUE
Friendly, gender-neutral address for a child KIDDO
GQ and EW, e.g MAGS
Greek vowels ETAS
Hartsfield-Jackson airport code ATL
Heart chambers ATRIA
Hopes to get WANTS
Hulu show starring Aidy Bryant SHRILL
Inserts in some car changers CDS
Internet address ender COM
Item on a seafood menu CRAB
Land in a rivière ILE
Light up SMOKE
Make a wager BET
Nut and bolt spacer WASHER
On the train ABOARD
Pakistani money RUPEE
Part of SVU UNIT
People in charge, briefly MGT
Place to put your fedora HATRACK
Play the banjo STRUM
Respectable SEEMLY
Ring decoration GEM
Roller coaster reaction SCREAM
Scarlett’s Butler RHETT
Shape of a DNA strand HELIX
Sheet music line LYRIC
Soccer stadium shouts OLES
Some laptops MACS
Spider monkey’s feature TAIL
Streep of ‘Florence Foster Jenkins’ MERYL
Superfluous EXTRA
Tajikistan, once (abbr.) SSR
Tough and stringy SINEWY
Word before Palmas or Cruces LAS
Writer Zola EMILE
___ d’hotel MAITRE
___-Magnon CRO
___Pen (injection for allergic reactions) EPI