Jonesin’ – Apr 24 2018

Clues Answers
‘… or thereabouts’ ISH
’80s-’90s cars GEOS
‘Dragon Ball Z’ genre ANIME
‘Element #33? That’s unlikely!’? ARSENICYOUWISH
‘Fear the Walking Dead’ network AMC
‘For the life ___ …’ OFME
‘Gone With the Wind’ surname OHARA
‘Lucky Jim’ author Kingsley AMIS
‘On the Road’ narrator Paradise SAL
‘Rent’ heroine MIMI
‘That’s a shame!’ OHNO
‘The Flintstones’ pet DINO
‘The Metamorphosis’ character Gregor SAMSA
‘Today’ co-anchor Hoda KOTB
‘___ Doone’ (1869 historical novel) LORNA
‘___ silly question …’ ASKA
1980s Disney film TRON
Answer that won’t get you an F? TRUE
Author Harper LEE
Barbecue specialty RIBS
Barinholtz of ‘The Mindy Project’ IKE
Bourbon barrel wood OAK
Break in illegally HACK
Bring together UNITE
Brynner of the original ‘Westworld’ YUL
Christmas song NOEL
Civil War side, for short CSA
Computer programmer CODER
Concert venue ARENA
Crucifix symbol ROOD
Cruise SAIL
Currency in Colombia PESO
Dessert bar option SYRUP
Dissenting vote NAY
Doesn’t remember, as with a task FORGETSTO
Element #53 knew what was up? IODINETHOUGHTSO
Ensembles CASTS
Fast-food drink size LARGE
Clues Answers
Feel bad AIL
Field official REF
From Bhutan or Brunei ASIAN
Garden material SOIL
Gary of ‘Diff’rent Strokes’ COLEMAN
Genre for the Specials SKA
Giant legend Mel OTT
Hawaiian instrument, for short UKE
He played 007 seven times MOORE
Hit the slopes SKI
It may require antibiotics to treat SINUSITIS
Joule fraction ERG
Kennel noise ARF
List appearing once each in a supervocalic AEIOU
Magnet ends POLES
Minor league rink org AHL
NASDAQ newcomer IPO
Olympic dueling weapon EPEE
One of the main players in ‘Gauntlet’ ELF
Paddle OAR
Phobic of element #4? BERYLLIUMAFRAID
Quest object in a Monty Python movie GRAIL
Rapper Flo ___ RIDA
Recedes EBBS
Salt Lake City collegian UTE
Satchel Paige’s real first name LEROY
School housing DORM
Shortened aliases AKAS
Sign for Daniel Radcliffe and Chris Hemsworth LEO
Smoothie berry ACAI
Standard Windows sans serif typeface ARIAL
State trees of North Dakota and Massachusetts ELMS
Statute LAW
Tarzan creator ___ Rice Burroughs EDGAR
The odds that it’s element #102? NOBELIUMCHANCE
Transition SEGUE
Tributes HOMAGES
___ out a profit EKE
___-majesté LESE

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