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Jonesin’ – Apr 28 2020 – Puzzle Answers

Published in Jonesin Crossword.

Clues Answers
’19 and ’20, e.g YRS
’70s supermodel Cheryl TIEGS
‘A Fish Called Wanda’ Oscar winner Kevin KLINE
‘Cheers!’ in France SALUT
‘Dutch’ actress Meyers ARI
‘First Blood’ protagonist RAMBO
‘Hurts 2B Human’ singer PINK
‘Jellied’ British fish EEL
‘Live With Kelly and Ryan’ cohost RIPA
‘Meatspace,’ for short IRL
‘Meh, whatever’ IDONTCARE
‘That’s great’ WOW
‘Three Sunflowers in ___’ (1888 Van Gogh painting) AVASE
‘Your Moment of ___’ (‘The Daily Show’ feature) ZEN
‘___ vincit amor’ OMNIA
*’The Twilight Zone’ creator RODSERLING
*It helps out in the closet (as demonstrated by the other starred answers) ORGANIZER
*Product’s freshness period SHELFLIFE
*Steph Curry’s sport BASKETBALL
*Sycophants HANGERSON
17th letter of the Greek alphabet RHO
About 1% of the Earth’s atmosphere ARGON
Actress Kaley of ‘The Big Bang Theory’ CUOCO
Americana lithographer IVES
Army outposts (abbr.) FTS
Balance POISE
Blue-green shade TEAL
Cape ___ (westernmost African point) VERDE
Charge to a sponsor ADFEE
Come back inside REENTER
Coral reef visitor DIVER
Crawled cautiously CREPT
Did some comic book work INKED
Does something ACTS
Dull pain ACHE
Escape clauses OUTS
Flub ERR
Fluffy grazer EWE
Forty winks NAP
France on the new ‘Queer Eye’ TAN
Fudd who bugs Bugs ELMER
Garden gastropod SLUG
Gasket, e.g SEAL
Got high AROSE
Hawaiian party LUAU
Heart charts, briefly ECGS
Implant again RESOW
Infamous fiddling emperor NERO
Is a huge fan of, slangily STANS
Kind of D.A ASST
Lead-in to lude PRE
Like some sprays NASAL
Madcap WACKY
Multiple-choice choice, sometimes OTHER
NATO Phonetic Alphabet vowel ECHO
Nigiri sushi option ROE
Packed DENSE
Panda Express vessel WOK
Pen name? BIC
Prefix for ‘medicine’ seen more often recently TELE
Punxsutawney notable PHIL
Really irk RILE
Rosie of ‘Birds of Prey’ PEREZ
See 49-Across INORDER
Showtime series set in Agrestic Township WEEDS
Sicilian mountain ETNA
Socially distance from AVOID
Spine components VERTEBRAE
Spring up GROW
Squeeze bunt stat (or so I’m told… it’s sports) RBI
Start of el año nuevo ENERO
Tea-based drink CHAI
Texas, for one STATE
The briny SEA
With 53-Across, what a 7-Down helps keep CLOTHES
Wood shop equipment LATHE
Wu-Tang Clan member born Robert Diggs RZA
___ Arann (former airline) AER
___ Blanc (highest peak in the Alps) MONT