Jonesin’ – Apr 3 2018

Clues Answers
‘Five hundred twenty-five thousand six hundred minutes’ musical RENT
‘Here ___ Again’ (1987 Whitesnake hit) IGO
‘Texas’ dance move TWOSTEP
‘That ___ not fair!’ ISSO
‘The Subject Was Roses’ director Grosbard ULU
‘Wacky Races’ character who later got her own cartoon PENELOPEPITSTOP
‘Weekend Update’ cohost Michael CHE
‘Why do ___ trying?’ IKEEP
‘Wild’ author Cheryl STRAYED
‘You Might Think’ band THECARS
‘___ and away!’ UPUP
10 1/2 wide, e.g SIZE
1982 Disney movie with a 2010 sequel TRON
Abbr. on a tow truck AAA
Alley ___ (basketball play) OOP
Ancient Aegean region IONIA
Auto manufacturer Ferrari ENZO
Birthstone that shares a first letter with its month OPAL
Blood group known as the universal donor TYPEO
Bypass OMIT
Card game where you match adjectives with nouns APPLESTOAPPLES
Carpet protection PAD
Cereal aisle consideration FIBER
Certain theater company, for short REP
Charged subatomic particle ION
Cobalt, for one METAL
Cruise around Hollywood TOM
Desktop that turned 20 in 2018 IMAC
Devoutness PIETY
Diagnostic machine IMAGER
Director Roth ELI
Domed church area APSE
Finnish architect Alvar who’s the first entry in many encyclopedias AALTO
Former Senate Majority Leader Trent LOTT
Gave a shot, perhaps DOSED
Gender pronoun option SHE
Girl in ‘Calvin and Hobbes’ SUSIE
Give a thumbs-up AGREE
Clues Answers
Goes sour TURNS
Hawkeye’s state IOWA
Hay unit BALE
High shoes HEELS
Kate Middleton’s sister PIPPA
Kids’ rhyme starter EENIE
Like chai, sometimes ICED
Like much of Keats’s poetry IAMBIC
Luau delicacy POI
M&Ms color replaced by blue TAN
Massage RUB
Mix again, as a salad RETOSS
Movie snippet CLIP
Olympic snowboarding medalist White SHAUN
One-person performances SOLOS
Outburst from a movie cowboy, perhaps YEEHAW
Parlor furniture SETTEE
Photographer Goldin NAN
Piña ___ (rum drink) COLADA
Pork cut LOIN
Pride member LION
School fundraising gp PTA
Scotch mixer SODA
Sippy ___ CUP
Sleeper’s breathing problem, to a Brit APNOEA
Some barnyard noises QUACKS
Spicy appetizers JALAPENOPOPPERS
Sports page number STAT
Spot in the ocean ISLE
Sugar suffix OSE
T or F, e.g ANS
Tonga neighbor FIJI
Tune that’s tough to get out of your head EARWORM
Watsonian exclamation EGAD
___ Awards (event held in Nashville) CMA
___ in ‘questionable’ QAS
___ off (dwindle) TAPER

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