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Jonesin’ – Aug 18 2020 Crossword Answers

Published in Jonesin Crossword.

Clues Answers
‘Abso-friggin-lutely!’ YES
‘Ad ___ per aspera’ (Kansas state motto) ASTRA
‘Biography’ network AANDE
‘First Do No ___’ (Meryl Streep TV film) HARM
‘Little piggy,’ really TOE
‘Starlight Express’ director Nunn TREVOR
‘The Greatest Story ___ Told’ EVER
‘The Heat ___’ ISON
‘To Live and Die ___’ INLA
‘___ be my pleasure!’ ITD
‘___ but known …’ HADI
… and where to find them NET
AMA members DRS
Annoying ‘Sesame Street’ muppet ELMO
AOL or MSN, e.g., once .. ISP
Arizona City, today YUMA
Article written by Voltaire? UNE
Birds on a ranch Down Under EMUS
Bookish type NERD
Carreras, Domingo, or Pavarotti TENOR
Cause counterpart EFFECT
Cooked to perfection DONE
Corrida cheers OLES
Cost-friendly ECONOMICAL
Cover for a platter SLEEVE
Cowboy’s rope LARIAT
Darkness and obscurity MURK
Dig in EAT
Drains, as energy SAPS
Elisabeth of ‘Leaving Las Vegas’ SHUE
Etch away ERODE
Eye color location IRIS
Fortune 500 member, most likely CEO
Frequent NASCAR sponsor STP
Garden tool, when the bird’s legs are squeezed HEDGETRIMMER
Gigantic bird with a stone passenger cabin AIRPLANE
Harold of ‘Ghostbusters’ RAMIS
Hockey great Bobby and family ORRS
It’s made to step on STAIR
Item with an image-chiseling bird CAMERA
Jog like a horse TROT
List-ending abbr ETC
Mother of all, in Greek mythology GAIA
Motorist’s signal, when the bird is squeezed CARHORN
Musical item using a pointy-beaked bird RECORDPLAYER
Obey Viagra? ARISE
Off-kilter AWRY
Old paint additive LEAD
Ostrich or kiwi, e.g RATITE
Other, to Osvaldo OTRO
Parisian street RUE
PBS kids’ show that taught Ubby-Dubby ZOOM
Pension plan alternative IRA
Presidential monogram during the 1960s RMN
Quick stretch in the alphabet song LMNOP
R&B singer Cantrell BLU
Sallie ___ (student loan provider) MAE
San Francisco and New Orleans, for two PORTCITIES
Service station owned by BP AMOCO
Signaling item, when the bird’s tail is pulled WHISTLE
Singing syllable TRA
Site of a 1949 European ‘Convention’ GENEVA
Sorority letter RHO
Stopper for the bubbly CORK
Suffix for McCarthy IST
Summer sign LEO
Takes to the soapbox ORATES
Talking bird flying back and forth between stone boxes INTERCOM
Thighbone FEMUR
Tousles, like a puppy PAWSAT
Twist, as statistics SKEW
Uses an iron, maybe BRANDS
Web design option that’s obsolete FRAMES
Wishes HOPES
With a tilde, ‘year’; without, something nastier ANO
Woody Allen ‘regular guy in famous situations’ movie ZELIG
Word after tight or rear END
Writing implement using a bird’s beak INKPEN