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Jonesin’ – Aug 21 2018

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Clues Answers
‘Careless Whisper’ group (yeah, that’s the sax solo playing in your mind right now) WHAM
‘Criminal’ singer Apple FIONA
‘Fuzzy Wuzzy was ___ …’ ABEAR
‘I want catnip’ MEOW
‘It’s hard to be humble when you’re as great as I am’ boxer ALI
‘Major’ constellation URSA
‘On the Beach’ author Shute NEVIL
‘Remote Control’ host Ken (or German for ‘upper’) OBER
‘Saved by the Bell’ character Jessie SPANO
‘The Facts of Life’ actress Mindy COHN
‘There’s no ___ sight!’ ENDIN
‘___ of Laura Mars’ EYES
1952 Olympics host OSLO
36-Down’s ‘Family’ ADDAMS
50-Across ‘Cousin’ ITT
Acid-base indicator LITMUS
Actor Rob, or either candidate named Ron who competed in a 2018 Kansas congressional primary ESTES
Amorphous amount (and an ‘Arrested Development’ character) GOB
Be shy OWE
Beer named for a Dutch river AMSTEL
Brown and Rather, for two DANS
Bunches ALOT
Cartman, to his mom ERIC
Castigate SCOLD
Casual ‘industry,’ formally? EBIZABETH
Chunks of history ERAS
City near Tulsa ENID
College courtyard QUAD
Comedian/actress Butcher of ‘Take My Wife’ RHEA
Cupcake decorator ICER
D.C. diamond denizens NATS
Decaf brand SANKA
Desert of Mongolia GOBI
Dress in Delhi SARI
Echo responder? ALEXA
Fail to exist ARENT
First Lady of the ’50s MAMIE
Formal attire GOWN
George Eliot’s ‘___ Marner’ SILAS
George Gershwin’s brother IRA
Gives off EMITS
Harry Potter accessory WAND
Hashtag acronym popularized by a Drake song YOLO
Hawaii’s ‘Garden Isle’ KAUAI
He held over 1,000 patents EDISON
Herd comment MOO
His mother raised Cain ABEL
Ibsen heroine Gabler HEDDA
Inspiron computer maker DELL
IRS collection, formally? TAXIMILIAN
It comes twice after ‘Que’ in a song SERA
It’s six of one … and six of the other DOZEN
Light bulb measure, formally? WATTHEW
Love on the Loire AMOUR
Lumberyard tools SAWS
Mass transit vehicle, formally? AUBUSTINE
Mine vein LODE
Nacho topper, slangily GUAC
Newscast summary RECAP
Orchestra needs REEDS
Orchestral section STRINGS
Overrun (with) AWASH
Piece of Necco candy WAFER
Poke ingredient, often TUNA
Practical applications USES
Preserve, as meat CURE
Quartet member ALTO
RBG’s group, for short SCOTUS
Religious offshoot SECT
Show with skits REVUE
Small songbird WREN
Stopped suddenly, as an engine STALLED
Truffle fries topper SALT
Turn into a puddle MELT
Victorian expletive EGAD
Zany, formally? WACQUELINE
Zero, on some fields NIL