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Jonesin’ – Aug 25 2020 Crossword Answers

Published in Jonesin Crossword.

Clues Answers
‘H to the ___ …’ (Jay-Z lyric) IZZO
‘She ___ Wrong’ DONEME
‘Who’s ready?’ response IAM
1040 org IRS
4, on some clocks IIII
Abbr. on a cornerstone ESTAB
Base x height / 2, for a triangle AREA
Belly laugh sound HAR
Betty of cartoons BOOP
Big galoot OAF
Bread served with vindaloo NAN
Buffalo’s lake ERIE
Campus activist gp. of the 1960s SDS
Cedars-___ (L.A. hospital) SINAI
Clear a videotape ERASE
Closet organizer, maybe STORER
Cookie with a Thin Crisps variety OREO
Court figure REF
Curtain holder ROD
Daughter of Muhammad FATIMA
Deride loudly RAZZ
Destines to destruction DOOMS
Dominic Monaghan TV show LOST
Drill bit, usually BORER
Egg carton amt DOZ
Et cetera ANDSOON
Farm structure SILO
Fit together ENMESH
Fix a botched job at Baskin-Robbins, e.g RESCOOP
Form a scab CLOT
Former MTV personality Daisy FUENTES
German dissents NEINS
Get to the poi? EAT
Gore, as distinguished from his father ALJR
Guarantee ASSURE
He said ‘Say hello to my little friend!’ PACINO
Heavy president and family TAFTS
It may be hard to follow ACT
Keanu, in ‘The Matrix’ NEO
King of Katzenstein, in a Dr. Seuss story LOOIE
Kirsten of ‘Wimbledon’ DUNST
Lawyer/novelist who wrote ‘Presumed Innocent’ SCOTTTUROW
Like blue material LEWD
Mixture OLIO
Monogram of Peter Parker’s publisher boss, in ‘Spider-Man’ JJJ
More up to the task ABLER
Namer of Einstein as Person of the Century TIME
One who gives up too easily QUITTER
Org. taken over by Mahmoud Abbas in November 2004 PLO
Own (up) FESS
Part of AMA ASSN
Pep rally intangible SPIRIT
Pertaining to a radioactive element URANIC
Pie ___ mode ALA
Pilgrimage to Mecca HAJJ
Popular place to hang out HOTSPOT
Problem for a valet FULLLOT
Really bad invitation turnout NOONE
Roofing goo TAR
Room in a Spanish house SALA
Rule opposed by Gandhi RAJ
Screw-up SNAFU
Set of which all seven elements are fittingly hidden in the grid TETRISPIECES
She played Ferris Bueller’s girlfriend MIASARA
The ___ Dolls (cabaret/punk band) DRESDEN
They may show actors’ or doctors’ names DOORPLATES
Those, in Toledo ESOS
Under the weather ILL
Web page for newbies FAQ
What you should hear in the background as you’re solving/playing RUSSIANMUSIC
Whipping reminder WELT
Word after guard or third RAIL
Word repeated in an NPR game show title WAIT
Wu-Tang member aka Bobby Digital RZA
___ Nabisco (bygone corporation) RJR
___ the altar LEFTAT
___fest (Osbourne-hosted tour) OZZ