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Jonesin’ – Aug 28 2018

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Clues Answers
‘Aladdin’ character GENIE
‘Beware the ___ of March’ IDES
‘First, do no ___’ HARM
‘GymnopĂ©dies’ composer Erik SATIE
‘It’s the end of ___’ ANERA
‘Later,’ in Lourdes ADIEU
‘Likewise’ SOAMI
‘Listen Like Thieves’ band INXS
‘OK, whatever’ noise SIGH
‘The Persistence of Memory’ artist DALI
‘The Simpsons’ character with a crossword episode LISA
‘The Untouchables’ agent Eliot NESS
‘You and ___ going to get along’ IARE
‘___ Artist’s Studio’ (Christina Rossetti poem) INAN
‘___ if I can help it!’ NOT
A sharp equivalent BFLAT
Actress Condor of Netflix’s ‘To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before’ LANA
Actress Menzel of ‘Frozen’ and ‘Wicked’ IDINA
Bald baby? EAGLET
Baseball Hall-of-Famer Mel OTT
Be a witness to ATTEST
Blackjack card ACE
Bug with formic acid ANT
Bull-themed tequila brand ELTORO
Calif. winter setting PST
Came down pretty hard SLEETED
Came up AROSE
Carne ___ ASADA
Cartoonist Avery TEX
Charged atom ION
Cheeses in red wax EDAMS
Copper finish PATINA
Diesel who got to say ‘I am Groot’ in multiple languages VIN
Early fruit sampler? EVE
Element that sounds like the middle two letters should be switched IRON
Flim-___ (swindle) FLAM
Former Boston Bruin Bobby ORR
Frazier’s ‘Thrilla in Manila’ opponent ALI
Gas used in light tubes ARGON
Half of Bennifer, once JLO
Hebrew letter on a dreidel GIMEL
Horse race pace, sometimes TROT
In better health HALER
IX’s opposite, on a clock face III
Jared of ‘Panic Room’ LETO
Jill who played Captain Stubing’s daughter on ‘The Love Boat’ WHELAN
Mandy and Dudley, for two MOORES
Midsection muscles ABS
Moore who won an Oscar for ‘Still Alice’ JULIANNE
Movie with a robot called ‘Number 5’ SHORTCIRCUIT
Not barefoot SHOD
Olympics chant that must annoy every other country USA
Ono’s love LENNON
Pained sound GROAN
Palindromic Reno casino founder William HARRAH
Paycheck deduction, perhaps STATETAX
Perjure oneself LIE
Pizzeria in ‘Do the Right Thing’ SALS
Place that’s not fun to be stuck inside with mosquitos TENT
Put the pedal to the metal FLOORIT
Racetrack boundary RAIL
Ruffles rival LAYS
Sagacious WISE
Semiprecious stone used in cameos ONYX
Show with a protagonist known as Number Six THEPRISONER
Small flashes of light GLINTS
Some are fine ARTS
Special effects that look real but aren’t, briefly CGI
Start of many a ‘Jeopardy!’ response WHATIS
Tic ___ (candy brand) TAC
Waldorf (but not Statler), for one SALAD
Walks with a cane, perhaps LIMPS
Webster of dictionaries NOAH
Where to use a No. 2 pencil SCANTRONTEST
Wildfire side effect ASH
YA fantasy hero who combats No.1 ARTEMISFOWL
___ Lama DALAI