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Jonesin’ – Dec 11 2018

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Clues Answers
‘Claws’ network TNT
‘Death ___ Funeral’ (2007 or 2010 film) ATA
‘Matilda the Musical’ songwriter Minchin TIM
‘Never Tear Us Apart’ band INXS
‘Rebel Yell’ singer Billy IDOL
‘thank u, ___’ (Ariana Grande song) NEXT
‘The Smartest Guys in the Room’ company ENRON
‘___ Believer’ (Monkees song) IMA
‘___ Poetry Jam’ DEF
1996 veep candidate KEMP
Acapulco accolades OLES
Adjust, as banjo strings TUNE
Adrien of ‘The Pianist’ BRODY
Alfonso Ribeiro-hosted show featuring viewer submissions, for short AFV
Ancient city in Jordan PETRA
Ancient stone slab (anagram of TESLA) STELA
Artistic interpretation of one’s feelings, maybe SELFEXPRESSION
Bisected INTWO
Bring delight to ELATE
Cable channel since 1979 ESPN
Cardiologist’s dilator STENT
Cedar alternative TEAK
Clean up some topiary TRIM
Core group CADRE
Credit counterpart DEBIT
Cuba ___ (rum drink) LIBRE
Dory helped find him NEMO
Double ___ (Oreo variety) STUF
Eddie Murphy’s role in ‘Beverly Hills Cop’ AXELFOLEY
Egypt’s cont AFR
Excruciatingly loud, in sheet music FFFF
Fail to be ARENT
Family member, briefly SIS
Farm residents? ANTS
Global extremity POLE
Good-natured AMIABLE
Heart chambers ATRIA
Heavy items dropped in cartoons SAFES
Heighten ELEVATE
High-end Toyota LEXUS
Hither and ___ YON
Inbox item MEMO
It contains numerators and denominators within numerators and denominators COMPLEXFRACTION
It may be half-baked IDEA
Jazz legend Fitzgerald ELLA
Kardashian matriarch KRIS
Lamentable SAD
Lemon zest source PEEL
Little drinks SIPS
Lover FAN
Lubricant used at the front and rear of an automobile drivetrain AXLEFLUID
Make good (for) ATONE
Muscle problem KNOT
Nervous spasms TICS
Place to chill out SPA
Q-Tip ends SWABS
Rocksteady precursor SKA
Roth of ‘Inglourious Basterds’ ELI
Scrabble piece TILE
Sheared stuff WOOL
Six Flags attraction RIDE
Skier’s spot SLOPE
Snarky social media response to an undeserved boast (and this puzzle’s theme) WEIRDFLEXBUTOK
Snippets, like those shown on 21-Across CLIPS
Spring bloom IRIS
State of change FLUX
They’re ‘on’ in binary ONES
They’re always in February LEAPDAYS
TV ‘Warrior Princess’ played by Lucy Lawless XENA
TV monitoring gp FCC
Venmo and Hinge, e.g APPS
Vinegar variety BALSAMIC
Ward of ‘Gone Girl’ SELA
With an ___ distinction AIROF
___ gin fizz SLOE
___-Pekka Salonen (conductor soon to lead the San Francisco Symphony) ESA