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Jonesin’ – Dec 25 2018

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Clues Answers
‘An Inconvenient Truth’ presenter ALGORE
‘Many years ___ …’ AGO
‘The Little Mermaid’ heroine ARIEL
‘Washington Journal’ network CSPAN
‘___ ear and out the other’ INONE
‘___ Lang Syne’ AULD
1984 marathon gold medalist Joan BENOIT
2000 Alejandro Iñárritu drama ‘Amores ___’ PERROS
Actor Shepard of ‘Idiocracy’ DAX
Actor ___ William Scott SEANN
American actress born 12/25/1949 SISSYSPACEK
Baseballer Felipe, Matty, or Jesus ALOU
Bela of monster roles LUGOSI
Ben Stiller’s mom Anne MEARA
Best-case IDEAL
Blow away WOW
Brand of pads OXY
Canadian world leader born 12/25/1971 JUSTINTRUDEAU
Circumference-to-diameter ratios PIS
Citrus soft drink introduced in the 1960s FRESCA
Cold storage? IGLOO
Completely fake STAGED
Conversation DIALOG
Crème de ___ (strawberry liqueur) FRAISE
Did penance ATONED
Dish with peanut and lime garnish PADTHAI
Do, for instance NOTE
Dresden Dolls lead vocalist Palmer AMANDA
Edit out ERASE
Enclosure to an ed SAE
Garfield’s girlfriend ARLENE
Gargantuan GIANT
Got overexcited over niche pop culture, with ‘out’ GEEKED
Hang on the line DRIPDRY
High point ALP
Hockey pucks, e.g DISCS
Id’s counterpart EGO
Indira Gandhi’s son RAJIV
Island instrument UKE
It’s been alternately called a ‘cash point’ or ‘bankomat’ ATM
It’s somehow National Soup Month, for short JAN
Juan ___ de Leon (Fountain of Youth seeker) PONCE
Knight’s mount STEED
Line on a weather map ISOBAR
Longtime Dolphins coach DONSHULA
Loretta played by 56-Across LYNN
Midler of ‘Beaches’ BETTE
Need a bath REEK
Not a big chicken BANTAM
Not so puzzling EASIER
Obama education secretary Duncan ARNE
Okra portion POD
One who takes things the wrong way? ROBBER
Opens a bottle UNCAPS
Palestinian president ABBAS
Perturbed VEXED
Pince-___ glasses NEZ
Porgy’s love BESS
Princess who became a general LEIA
Print maker PAW
Promising words IDO
Prop for Paul Bunyan AXE
Put ___ signal OUTA
Scott Joplin song RAG
Scottish singer born 12/25/1954 ANNIELENNOX
Soup du ___ JOUR
Speak before a crowd ORATE
Stationery store purchase PEN
Strong ___ ox ASAN
Tahiti, e.g ISLE
Tanner of ’70s-’80s tennis ROSCOE
Up to this point UNTILNOW
Upscale hotel amenity SPA
W’s successors? XYZ
Where 100 is 4 BINARY
Word before artist, clause, or room ESCAPE