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Jonesin’ – Jan 1 2019

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Clues Answers
‘Been Lying’ singer Rita ORA
‘Citizen Kane’ director Welles ORSON
‘I totally agree’ SOTRUE
‘Let’s call ___ day’ ITA
‘Must’ve been something ___’ IATE
‘On ___ Majesty’s Secret Service’ HER
‘Perry Mason’ star Raymond BURR
‘The Shape of Water’ director Guillermo del ___ TORO
‘Walden’ author THOREAU
‘___-Ra and the Princesses of Power’ SHE
1054, in Roman numerals MLIV
A bunch OODLES
AAA map abbr RTE
Abbr. for some low-income shoppers EBT
Action sequel called the worst movie of 2018 by multiple critics (with hastily-edited ads ending in ‘Rated R’) THEPREDATOR
Active type DOER
Apollo astronaut Slayton DEKE
Apprehend NAB
Canceled Fox sitcom with a first episode aptly titled ‘Pilot’ (that’s Pilot with a capital ‘P’) LATOVEGAS
Cartoon crimefighter ___ Ant ATOM
Cellphone forerunners PAGERS
Chicken, pejoratively WIMP
Chip in a Mexican dish named for its inventor NACHO
Chris of ‘The Lego Movie 2’ PRATT
Civil War soldier, for short REB
Club counterpart SPADE
Collectible disk for ’90s kids POG
College football team ranked 121st out of 129 by CBS Sports (between New Mexico and Kent State U.) RUTGERS
Commotion UPROAR
Convertible furniture for sleeping SOFABEDS
Corney key ESC
Curve in a figure eight ESS
Dating from time immemorial AGEOLD
Day or night ANYTIME
Day-___ (fluorescent) GLO
December drink NOG
Deity worshiped by Canaanites BAAL
Early anesthetic ETHER
Entertainer criticized for a racially insensitive tweet in October–not a good look for the Divine Miss M BETTEMIDLER
Excavate DIGUP
Extremely annoying kids’ song (‘doo doo doo doo doo doo’) which also featured in themed clothing like a pajama set or graphic T BABYSHARK
Funny duo? ENS
Goes outside of coverage ROAMS
Grass or weed DOPE
Great honor GLORY
Greek goddess trio, with ‘the’ FATES
Greg who missed the entire 2007-08 season after his #1 NBA draft pick ODEN
Item on a dog collar IDTAG
Laze, with ‘out’ VEG
Leave the airport DEPART
Links hazards TRAPS
Lopsided UNEVEN
Moving day rental UHAUL
Network bringing back ‘Temptation Island’ in January 2019 USA
Nine, in some ‘Sesame Street’ episodes NUEVE
Not yet decided, briefly TBD
Off-road ride, briefly ATV
On the subject of ASTO
One of 30 on a dodecahedron EDGE
Origami step CREASE
Paid no heed to IGNORED
Pedicurist’s stone PUMICE
Ph.D. hopeful’s exam GRE
Progressive online news site since 2004 RAWSTORY
Receipt figure AMOUNT
Regret RUE
Santa-tracking defense gp NORAD
Some Morse code symbols DASHES
Stout relative ALE
They use toner COPIERS
To be, in Toledo SER
Western film, slangily OATER
Words in an infomercial disclaimer PAIDAD
You are here EARTH
___ Cooler (‘Ghostbusters’-themed Hi-C flavor) ECTO