Jonesin’ – Jul 24 2018

Clues Answers
‘Chasing Pavements’ singer ADELE
‘Children of a Lesser God’ Oscar winner MATLIN
‘Für ___’ (Beethoven piece) ELISE
‘If you do that… see you in court!’ ILLSUE
‘Insecure’ star Rae ISSA
‘Truth in Engineering’ automaker AUDI
‘Yeah, right on!’ NICE
‘Yeah, right’ ASIF
‘¿Como ___ usted?’ ESTA
Air Force One occupant, for short POTUS
Alludes (to) REFERS
Alyssa of ‘Who’s the Boss?’ MILANO
Amanda of ‘Brockmire’ PEET
Amino acid asparagine, for short ASN
Aquarium organism ALGA
At a ___ (stumped) LOSS
Bassett of ‘Black Panther’ ANGELA
Cannes Film Festival’s Camera ___ DOR
Chamillionaire hit parodied by Weird Al RIDIN
Computer code used to create some lo-fi artwork ASCII
Conor of Bright Eyes OBERST
Corn remainder COB
Couturier Cassini OLEG
Declined EBBED
Decorate differently REDO
Desert plant related to the asparagus YUCCA
DeVry or University of Phoenix PROFITCOLLEGE
Direct deposit payment, for short EFT
Distrustful about LEERYOF
Duck Hunt console, for short NES
Fabric dye brand RIT
Feel remorse for RUE
Fires up AROUSES
Good deeds FLESSACTS
Hardly dense SPARSE
Having regressed WORSE
It contains (at least) two forward slashes URL
It’s not a prime number ONE
Clues Answers
Item increasingly made from recyclable material STRAW
Its subtitle is ‘Day-O’ ANABOATSONG
Jay-Z’s music service TIDAL
John who wrote ‘Ode on a Grecian Urn’ KEATS
Kermit-flailing-his-arms noise YAY
Latkes and boxties, e.g ATOPANCAKES
Like some oats ROLLED
Made, as money EARNED
Maker of Posturepedic mattresses SEALY
Manned crafts involved in atmospheric reentry ECAPSULES
Mike Myers character who hosted ‘Sprockets’ DIETER
Paranormal skill, supposedly ESP
Pigpen STY
Poetic sphere ORB
Pop performer? WEASEL
Pre-euro coin PESETA
Pre-euro electronic currency ECU
Printer adjunct, maybe SCANNER
Progressive spokesperson FLO
Prompt givers CUERS
Purpose USE
Question type with only two answers YESNO
Quilting event BEE
Ren Faire underlings SERFS
Rooibos, for one TEA
Show disdain for SCORN
Siskel was his partner EBERT
Stockholm’s country (abbr.) SWE
Strapped support BRA
Sue Grafton’s ‘___ for Silence’ SIS
Take ___ at (guess) ASTAB
Tart glassful LIMEADE
Term used in both golf and tennis ACE
The Suez Canal can take you there REDSEA
Took a load off SAT
When aout occurs ETE
Wildebeest GNU

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