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Jonesin’ – Jul 3 2018

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Clues Answers
‘Behold!’ to Caesar ECCE
‘Beowulf,’ for one SAGA
‘I Would Die 4 U’ singer PRINCE
‘In ___ of flowers …’ LIEU
‘Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom’ extra DINOSAUR
‘News’ site with ‘Area Man’ headlines, with ‘The’ ONION
‘Silicon Valley’ co-creator Mike JUDGE
‘___, Brute?’ ETTU
Ambulance team, briefly EMTS
Anise-flavored liqueur OUZO
Away for a while ONLEAVE
Background distraction NOISE
Bacon portion SLAB
Big name in farm machinery DEERE
Borough for JFK Airport QUEENS
Bout enders, for short KOS
Brewhouse brew ALE
Cain’s brother ABEL
Candy aisle stuff that’s not actually eaten GUM
Canyon effect ECHO
Capital served by Gardermoen Airport OSLO
Classic Nickelodeon game show with a 2018 reboot DOUBLEDARE
Claylike soil LOAM
Deejay Rick DEES
Delivery people made obsolete by refrigeration ICEMEN
Designer Cassini OLEG
Disney film set in China MULAN
Duck out of sight HIDE
Dungeons & Dragons equipment DICE
Ego-driven VAIN
Element in electrodes ZINC
Enlightenment, to Zen Buddhists SATORI
Fast-food chain founder Wilber HARDEE
Film spool, back when that was still a thing REEL
Fix eggs, in a way BOIL
Fleetwood Mac’s last Top 10 song LITTLELIES
Funny duo? ENS
Hidden stash CACHE
Clues Answers
High-quality AONE
It may be created in a pit FIRE
Itty littermates PUPS
J.K. Rowling attribute, for short? INIT
Just ___ (small amount) ADAB
Language instruction company with a ‘Method’ BERLITZ
Letter-shaped girder IBEAM
Military assistant AIDE
Mojo ___ (‘Powerpuff Girls’ villain) JOJO
Network that airs reruns of ‘Reba’ CMT
NFLer Warren who competed on ‘Dancing With the Stars’ SAPP
No greater than UPTO
One of the Kardashians KIM
Ones, in Juarez UNOS
Out of commission (abbr.) RET
Overdo it GOTOOFAR
Overly sedimental? SILTY
Phnom ___, Cambodia PENH
Pompeo of ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ ELLEN
Pt. of CBS or CNS SYST
Redolence ODOR
Relaxation room DEN
Rescinds a deletion, in proofreading STETS
Rights-defending org ACLU
Salmon seasoning DILL
See 26-Across Consequences
She has a singing backpack DORA
Shred TEAR
Singer/actress Grande ARIANA
Sudden shocks JOLTS
Sunburn-relieving plants ALOES
Tennis racket string material, once CATGUT
Unfavorable audience reaction BOOS
Wilder’s ‘Young Frankenstein’ costar GARR
With 44-Across, getting punished for one’s actions SUFFERINGTHE
Word that’s considered an alternative to the last word of each theme phrase TRUTH
Z, in New Zealand ZED
___ Farm (clothing line founded by Russell Simmons) PHAT
___ Mountains (dividers of Europe and Asia) URAL