Jonesin’ – Jun 5 2018

Clues Answers
‘… and ___ it again!’ IDDO
‘Antony and Cleopatra’ killer ASP
‘Anywhere’ singer Rita ORA
‘Benevolent’ fraternal order ELKS
‘Coco’ studio PIXAR
‘Woe ___!’ ISME
2018 documentary about a Supreme Court Justice RBG
A, in Austria EIN
Additive to some soaps ALOE
After-dinner add-on TIP
Airline based in Stockholm SAS
Alcove NOOK
Bermuda, e.g. (abbr.) ISL
Bill-filled dispenser ATM
Breed like salmon SPAWN
California wine, familiarly ZIN
Cartoonish squeals EEKS
City on the Arkansas River TULSA
Coach Parseghian of the Fighting Irish ARA
Collision sound BAM
Convertible type DROPTOP
Current HUD secretary Carson BEN
Davidson’s ‘The Crying Game’ costar REA
Determine ASSESS
Did too much, in a way ODED
Ending for glob or mod ULE
England’s tallest skyscraper, with ‘The’ SHARD
Fed. rule REG
General who’s a bit chicken? TSO
Geyser output STEAM
Gobsmacked AMAZED
Grand Slam Breakfast offerer DENNYS
Half of a griffin LION
He followed Carson LENO
Impolite BOORISH
Is multiplied? ARE
It merged with Bell Atlantic to form Verizon GTE
Jazz performance from an upright individual? BASSSOLO

Clues Answers
Light-feather link ASA
Longest-running home renovation show (U.S., 1979-present) THISOLDHOUSE
Longest-running news show (U.S., 1947-present) MEETTHEPRESS
Longest-running sci-fi comedy (U.K., 1988-1999, 2009, 2012-present) REDDWARF
Longest-running variety show (Chile/U.S., 1962-2015) SABADOGIGANTE
Longest-running western (U.S., 1955-1975) GUNSMOKE
Mario Kart character TOAD
Mark somehow over the ‘n’ in ‘Spinal Tap’ UMLAUT
Maze-running rodent RAT
Minimal LEAST
Model’s place RUNWAY
Not exceeding UPTO
Omits in pronunciation ELIDES
On the ___ (running away) LAM
Online portal launched on the same day as Windows 95 MSN
Place to grab a bite EATERY
Popular with the cool kids these days HIP
Pres. on a dime FDR
Scottish kid LAD
Short outings JAUNTS
Singer/songwriter Mann AIMEE
State capital since 1959 JUNEAU
Swiss terrain ALPS
Tattoo tool NEEDLE
They may be checkered PASTS
They’re made when making up AMENDS
Throat bug STREP
Tire company with a blimp GOODYEAR
Upgrade the circuitry REWIRE
Upper limit MAX
Way less common RARER
What things are ‘right out of,’ when immediate THEGATE
Wimbledon winner Rafael NADAL
X member John DOE
___ apso (small dog) LHASA
___ de cologne EAU

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