Jonesin’ – Mar 27 2018

Clues Answers
‘Chariots of Fire’ actor Sir Ian HOLM
‘Git ___, little dogie’ ALONG
‘Hang on just a ___!’ SEC
‘Master of None’ star Ansari AZIZ
‘That’s right’ YES
‘The Crying Game’ star Stephen REA
‘The Jungle Book’ bear BALOO
‘The Muppet Show’ daredevil GONZO
‘This is prophetic,’ from the opera ‘Nixon in China,’ e.g ARIA
17th-century philosopher John LOCKE
1970 hit for the Kinks LOLA
90 degrees from norte ESTE
About 30% of the world’s land mass ASIA
Apple variety MAC
Auction bid OFFER
Author Eggers DAVE
Be familiar with a Danube-based Austrian town? KNOWTHELINZ
Bend’s state OREGON
Blocks in the freezer ICE
Board game of world conquest RISK
Bob Hope’s WWII gp USO
Brain segment LOBE
Can, to a Londoner TIN
Change two fives into a ten? ADD
Chores for Superman’s general nemesis? ZODHOUSEKEEPING
Chris Hemsworth superhero role THOR
Christmas tree type FIR
Cookie crumbled in a fro-yo toppings bar OREO
Coyolxauhqui worshiper AZTEC
CPR specialist, maybe EMT
Curl of hair RINGLET
December drink NOG
Dennis’s sister, on ‘It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia’ DEE
DIY crafter’s site ETSY
Dye containing a nitrogen compound AZO
Existent REAL
Gran finale? OLA
Happy hour order ALE
Have a title to OWN
Keep from view HIDE
Clues Answers
Kimono sash OBI
Leave PART
Like 2 or 3, but not 1 or 4 PRIME
Loaf heels, really ENDS
Lowest point NADIR
Main character of Minecraft STEVE
Make barbs about trip data? ZINGTHEDISTANCE
Makeshift windshield cleaner RAG
Map-providing org AAA
Milky gemstone OPAL
Mixed-breed dog MUTT
Motel room perk, as promoted years ago COLORTV
Novelist DeLillo DON
Paris-area airport ORLY
Pay stub amount NET
Pea’s place POD
Place for filing and polishing NAILSALON
Poacher’s need? EGG
Puerto ___ RICO
Recorded by jazz saxophonist Stan? FROMTHEGETZ
Researcher’s room LAB
Rowing machines, casually ERGS
Schlep HAUL
Serving platter TRAY
Smoked salmon on a bagel LOX
Some Oscar Wilde works ESSAYS
Stub ___ ATOE
Stuck together CONJOINED
Swearing-in formality OATH
Take care of the bill PAY
Tennis star Monica SELES
The body’s largest artery AORTA
The night before EVE
Theatrical sigh ALAS
Triatomic oxygen molecule OZONE
Way out EXIT
Would rather not HATESTO
Wrestler John with an ‘unexpected’ internet meme CENA
___ Lingus (Irish airline) AER
___ Mahal (Indian beer brand) TAJ

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