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Jonesin’ – May 28 2019

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Clues Answers
’30 Rock’ star Tina FEY
‘All I Do Is ___’ WIN
‘Beloved’ novelist Morrison TONI
‘Clueless’ catchphrase ASIF
‘Enchanting’-sounding book in the Septimus Heap series SYREN
‘My Fair Lady’ professor, to Eliza ENRY
‘Nothing Compares 2 U’ singer OCONNOR
‘On to the ___’ (2009 Jay-Z song) NEXTONE
‘The Genius’ of the Wu-Tang Clan GZA
1921 Literature Nobelist France ANATOLE
Aquatic barrier REEF
Bar brew, briefly IPA
Beat easily ACED
Beyond zealous RABID
British subcompact MINI
Casts forth EMITS
Cause of aberrant weather ELNINO
Cherry leftovers STEMS
Chicago-based cable superstation WGN
Coffee alternatives TEAS
Cool, 30 years ago RAD
Cuts through a small fish? SAWSMINNOW
Dandy sort FOP
Defeated without mercy, in leetspeak PWND
Dreyer’s ice cream partner EDY
Ecological abode HABITAT
Egg, for openers OVI
Gary Numan lyric after ‘It’s the only way to live’ INCARS
Had some hummus ATE
His record for patents was surpassed by a Japanese inventor in 2003 EDISON
Household appliance, for short VAC
In the past AGO
Intersection where pet feet meet? PAWEDXING
Kyoto cash YEN
Language spoken in ‘Avatar’ NAVI
Like some change LOOSE
Like some coffee STRONG
Like some whiskey AGED
Little giggle TEHEE
Louisiana Territory state IOWA
Magazine publishing info ADRATES
Masi of ‘Heroes’ OKA
Midweek time for floods? AWASHWEDNESDAY
Model plane material BALSA
N.L. East team ATL
Neck region NAPE
Obsolete PC operating system MSDOS
Only country name in the NATO phonetic alphabet INDIA
Only named character in ‘Green Eggs and [40-Across]’ SAMIAM
Out of the office AWAY
Ref. book set ENC
Reveals the celebrity dressed as the Poodle, Deer or Hippo, e.g UNMASKS
Runaway win ROMP
Satirical HBO interviewer, once ALIG
Sculpture piece TORSO
See 33-Down HAM
She played Talisa on ‘Game of Thrones’ OONA
Sketch a habanero? DRAWPEPPER
Skin care brand OXY
Sleeve tattoo spot ARM
Smoke an e-cig VAPE
Somehow, first lady after Michelle MELANIA
Succotash ingredient CORN
Suffix for prop or meth ANE
Tajikistan, once (abbr.) SSR
Tattered threads RAGS
The green Teletubby DIPSY
Time off between classes? GAPYEAR
Tosses down SWIGS
Triatomic form of oxygen OZONE
Tweety’s guide to business planning? ITAWMANAGEMENT
Wayne Shorter’s instrument SAX
___ Life (Tupac tattoo) THUG