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Jonesin’ – May 5 2020 – Puzzle Answers

Published in Jonesin Crossword.

Clues Answers
‘A Woman Speaks’ writer Anais NIN
‘Alice’s Restaurant’ chronicler Guthrie ARLO
‘M*A*S*H’ actor Alan ALDA
‘Nailed It’ host Nicole BYER
‘Open’ sign element NEON
‘The BFG’ author Roald DAHL
‘___ & Juliet’ (2011 animated film) GNOMEO
‘___ fun!’ (catchphrase from the BBC’s ‘Miranda’) SUCH
Above, in Augsburg OBER
Actress Fisher of ‘The Great Gatsby’ ISLA
Answer, in court PLEAD
Antony who eulogized Caesar MARC
Appears menacingly LOOMS
Archaeological attractions RUINS
Ask for support, in a way RAISEMONEY
Belly button NAVEL
Blunder GAFFE
Bonus item PERK
Cartoon tavern that’s very susceptible to prank calls MOES
Chain that merged with AMC Theatres LOEWS
Churn ROIL
Classic ‘Muppet Show’ song with that ‘do dooo do do-do’ refrain MAHNAMAHNA
College teachers, familiarly PROFS
Container for coffee URN
Craft in videos recently released by the Pentagon UFO
Curiosity rover launcher NASA
Disgusting goo GLOP
East Indian lentil stew DAL
End of the path UTSIDENOW
Fern’s seed SPORE
Film director Pier ___ Pasolini PAOLO
Filtered communication EMAIL
Golden ratio symbol PHI
Graceful fowl SWAN
Grand Ole ___ (venue broadcasting live streams) OPRY
Handle NAME
Hardly dense SPARSE
Hat removers, quaintly DOFFERS
Hat stat SIZE
In a snug manner COZILY
It’s built for accessibility RAMP
It’s not the same as assertive PUSHY
Ivy extension? EDU
Jazz bandleader/drummer and son of Thelonious TSMONK
Language of Andorra and Barcelona CATALAN
Lawn layer TURF
Less naive WISER
Lessen gradually EBB
Lumber material WOOD
Lyric verse ODE
More recent NEWER
Neighbor of Liech AUS
New Facebook reaction emoji CARE
One of Universal’s classic movie monsters WOLFMAN
Parodies SPOOFS
Part of a recipe STEP
Parts partner LABOR
Perceive FEEL
Photoshop company ADOBE
Pilot light, e.g FLAME
Place to store antiques ATTIC
Rainless ARID
Shakespearean compilation FOLIO
Shaq’s former team LAKERS
Singer Rexha BEBE
Sketched DRAWN
Something to look up to SKY
Sonic Youth bassist/singer Kim GORDON
Start of a path, which traces the opening lyric from a ‘Brady Bunch’ song ITHINKILL
Steals from, as a fridge RAIDS
The Beehive State UTAH
Tire mark SKID
Vientiane’s country LAOS
Watch sound TICK
Where some bracelets are worn ANKLES
Winter warmers SCARVES
___ in comparison PALED