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Jonesin’ – May 8 2018

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Clues Answers
‘Duck Hunt’ platform NES
‘I’ focus? EGO
‘Monster’ that’s really a lizard GILA
‘On a scale of ___ ten …’ ONETO
‘Sopranos’ actress ___ de Matteo DREA
‘South Park’ co-creator Parker TREY
‘What hump?’ speaker of film IGOR
Active person DOER
Amy Winehouse song REHAB
Awestruck AGAPE
Be klutzy TRIP
Boots’s cartoon friend DORA
British romance novelist’s boast? IWRITETHESNOGS
Cheer ROOT
Cheese in a wheel BRIE
City northwest of Orlando OCALA
Clean the deck SWAB
Coif expert STYLIST
Commedia dell’___ ARTE
Completely messed up, in military slang FUBAR
Constellation called ‘the Altar’ ARA
Cookie that rolled out a Kettle Corn flavor (up for voting) in 2018 OREO
Dartmouth or Brown, e.g IVY
Designer Vera WANG
Doesn’t just sit there ACTS
Dog park noise WOOF
Familiarize with new surroundings ORIENT
Fashion designer Saint-Laurent YVES
Filibuster-airing channel CSPAN
Fireman’s tool AXE
Fish sometimes eaten by raccoons EELS
Fix, at the vet’s office SPAY
Flexibility LEEWAY
Garment fold PLEAT
Get ___ start ALATE
Giraffe’s relative OKAPI
Clues Answers
Govt. investment TBOND
Greeting in Guatemala HOLA
Hanukkah candy GELT
In ___ (stuck) ASPOT
In-flight announcement, for short ETA
Inexperienced with NEWAT
Intensify GROW
Jackie, on ‘Roseanne’ AUNT
Kissing disease’s progression? PHASESOFTHEMONO
Lively tunes LILTS
Obstacle HITCH
Oscar winner Jeremy IRONS
Parliamentary votes AYES
Part of A.D ANNO
Powerful person NABOB
Psilocybin, slangily SHROOMS
Pudding layer SKIN
Puts two and two together ADDS
Recoil in distaste CRINGE
Rice-A-___ RONI
River past Liechtenstein RHINE
Samurai without a master RONIN
Scaredy-typesetting machine? THECOWARDLYLINO
Semistable subatomic particle PION
Serve tea POUR
Sign for October 23-November 21 SCORPIO
Singer Rita born in what’s now Kosovo ORA
Special vocabulary ARGOT
Subsequent to a sin? EARLYAFTERNONO
Talk back to SASS
They’re often sold in sixes or twelves EGGS
Turns into compost ROTS
Uses a mister SPRAYS
Where the mojito supposedly originated CUBA
Wide shoe size EEE