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Jonesin’ – Nov 27 2018

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Clues Answers
‘Better in Time’ singer ___ Lewis LEONA
‘Check this out!’ OHLOOK
‘Family Matters’ neighbor Steve URKEL
‘Green Book’ star Mahershala ALI
‘I can’t believe this,’ in online slang SMH
‘Little ___ Fauntleroy’ LORD
‘Metamorphosis’ poet OVID
‘Night Gallery’ host Serling ROD
‘Strange …’ HOWODD
‘Today’ weatherman Al ROKER
‘Waiting For My Rocket to Come’ singer Jason MRAZ
‘___ & Greg’ (1990s-2000s sitcom) DHARMA
‘___ Kitchen’ (Gordon Ramsay show) HELLS
1 or 0, but not 10 DIGIT
12th letter of the alphabet, when spelled out ELL
1990 Mel Gibson movie, according to the Internet? BIRBONAWIRE
2017 Pixar film COCO
Actor Rami of ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’ MALEK
Altar vows IDOS
Architect and Bauhaus School founder Walter GROPIUS
Arizona plants CACTI
Beginning ONSET
Bottled water brand owned by Coca-Cola DASANI
Brass band instrument TUBA
Color of Philadelphia Flyers mascot Gritty ORANGE
Competed at Daytona RACED
Cookie introduced to India in 2011 OREO
Driver who plays Kylo Ren ADAM
DVR remote button REC
Easy swimming style, according to the Internet? DOGGOPADDLE
Electrical cable CORD
Ending for mountain or auction EER
Falco’s request to Amadeus, in a 1980s hit ROCKME
Fleetwood ___ MAC
Former ‘American Idol’ judge DioGuardi KARA
Give forth EMIT
Google’s was in Aug. 2004 IPO
Guevara on T-shirts CHE
Half a quarter EIGHTH
Horse with mottled coloring ROAN
Hyphenated word in ‘Cockles and Mussels’ ALIVEO
Istanbul title AGA
Job reward RAISE
Kind of call or season MATING
Language suffix ESE
Letter after pi RHO
Like hopeless situations NOWIN
Macbeth’s imagined weapon DAGGER
Mode in ‘The Incredibles’ EDNA
Mount McKinley’s national park DENALI
No longer linked APART
Olfactory stimulus ODOR
One way to get around town CAB
Oscar Wilde’s forte WIT
Pants maker Strauss LEVI
Pattern DESIGN
Pay no attention to IGNORE
Person who musically hypnotizes animals, according to the Internet? SNEKCHARMER
Pet-related YouTube clip, according to the Internet? KITTEHVIDEO
Prosciutto, for example HAM
Receipt figure AMOUNT
Request permission ASK
Sales talk PITCH
Salt, chemically NACL
Scottish ‘no’ NAE
Scratches the surface? ETCHES
Suffix after pay or Motor OLA
Take to the slopes SKI
Tenochtitlan inhabitant AZTEC
They should be nowhere near a chalkboard NAILS
Three, in Torino TRE
Tomato variety ROMA
University official DEAN
Verbally ALOUD
What opportunity does, hopefully KNOCKS
William and Harry, e.g PRINCES
___ Reade (NYC drugstore chain) DUANE
___ voto (‘at my own wish,’ in Latin) MEO