Jonesin’ – Oct 16 2018

Clues Answers
‘Aw gee, that’s peachy keen!’ NEATO
‘Crumpled Papers’ artist Jean ARP
‘Dallas’ dynasty EWINGS
‘Goodbye Yellow Brick Road’ singer John ELTON
‘Halcyon’ singer Goulding ELLIE
‘Heartbreaker’ singer Benatar PAT
‘His Master’s Voice’ company RCA
‘I Put a Spell On You’ singer ___ Jay Hawkins SCREAMIN
‘It’s my turn!’ IMUP
‘Negatory’ NOT
‘No idea’ DUNNO
‘Paper Moon’ Oscar winner O’Neal TATUM
‘Spring ahead’ time in D.C EDT
‘The Raven’ heroine LENORE
‘This is reallllly wonderful …’ GREAT
‘You Will Be My ___ True Love’ (song from ‘Cold Mountain’) AIN
‘___/Tuck’ (medical drama) NIP
180° from NNE SSW
Actress Emma STONE
Actresses West and Whitman MAES
Alex, in ‘Madagascar’ LION
Arm bone ULNA
Bar order DOUBLE
Batmobile passenger ROBIN
Beans that often get refried PINTOS
Beguile ENAMOR
Branch SECT
Breed of tailless cat MANX
Burnt stuff ASH
Canadian major league team, on scoreboards TOR
Cartoon detective played by Matthew Broderick and French Stewart INSPECTORGADGET
Chili powder ingredient CUMIN
Circle div SEG
Comprehended SENSED
Credit report company with a notable 2017 breach EQUIFAX
Dairy dweller COW
Dictation expert STENO
Director Guillermo ___ Toro DEL
Diva’s delivery ARIA
Dog trainer’s command SIT
Ear irritation? DIN
Elliott of 2018’s ‘A Star Is Born’ SAM
Exclusively ALONE
Exploration org NASA
Failing the white-glove test DUSTY
Fantasia, in 2004 IDOL
Father, in France PERE
Follow a podcast LISTEN
GE competitor AMANA
Golfer Ernie ELS
GoPro, e.g CAM
Homer’s neighbor NED
Hong Kong director Andrew (whose ‘Infernal Affairs’ was remade as ‘The Departed’) LAU
In the neighborhood of ABOUT
Lauder of cosmetics ESTEE
Let in ADMIT
Like some missiles GUIDED
Like some poetry on the fridge MAGNETIC
Mother of Perseus DANAE
Number after acht NEUN
Olympic skater/commentator Johnny WEIR
Operate USE
Pink Floyd classic from ‘The Wall’ COMFORTABLYNUMB
Plug point PRONG
Prefix for scope OTO
Prepared nuts used for baking and pastries, maybe DICEDALMONDS
Rita of 2018’s ‘The Girls Tour’ ORA
Rotation-producing force TORQUE
Senate spots SEATS
Song that’s tough to do in a group SOLO
State with a town called Speedway INDIANA
Swingin’ Fitzgerald ELLA
Time’s 2008 and 2012 Person of the Year OBAMA
Worn out TIRED

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