Jonesin’ – Oct 2 2018

Clues Answers
‘Ben-Hur’ novelist Wallace LEW
‘For rent,’ in other, shorter words TOLET
‘Melrose Place’ actor Rob ESTES
‘Yeah, pretty unlikely’ ITSASTRETCH
1920s mobster who mainly worked in bootlegging and numbers rackets DUTCHSCHULTZ
1994 movie mainly set on a bus SPEED
Actress Whitman of ‘Parenthood’ MAE
All excited AGOG
Antiquing material AGER
Aries symbol RAM
Beetle variety STAG
Bill of Rights count TEN
Blood-sucking African fly TSETSE
Boil down DECOCT
Bull, in Bilbao TORO
Casino delicacy? CLAM
Cocoa amts TSPS
Did some community theater, say ACTED
Doctor’s directive SAYAH
Does 2 Chainz’s job RAPS
Dog, unkindly CUR
Element #42 (which for some reason isn’t in as many puzzles as, say, 19-Across) MOLYBDENUM
Element #50 TIN
Fall Out Boy bassist Pete WENTZ
Fierce look GLARE
Find a way to make things happen PULLSOMESTRINGS
Freebie at a Mexican restaurant AGUA
Full pairing? ELLS
Gatekeeping org.? TSA
German submarine UBOAT
Gone wrong? AWOL
Grain-storage building SILO
Hosiery shade ECRU
In any way HOWEVER
Industrial city of the Ruhr Valley ESSEN
Ireland, in Ireland EIRE
Its state song is the creatively titled ‘The Song of [that state]’ IOWA
Japanese general of WWII TOJO
Jay Presson Allen play about Capote TRU
Kit piece DRUM
Like Boban Marjanovic TALL
Like new vacuum bags EMPTY
Like, making your mind blown DEEP
Michelle’s predecessor LAURA
Musical ligature SLUR
Obnoxious kid BRAT
Permanent marker brand SHARPIE
Played in Las Vegas GAMED
Playwright T.S ELIOT
Potato often used for fries RUSSET
Prepare flour for baking SIFT
Sault ___ Marie, Mich STE
Shepherd’s pie tidbit PEA
Small batteries AAS
Some NCAA players SRS
Spot in la mer ILE
Start to awaken STIR
Starting at the beginning FROMSCRATCH
Tater ___ TOT
Thanksgiving dinner item YAM
The O. Henry ___-Off PUN
The other side THEM
Throws, as dice CASTS
Ticket remainder STUB
Tie type BOLO
Topple UPSET
Trajectory influenced by gravity ARC
Traveling through VIA
Voicemail sound TONE
Want ad palindrome EOE
What the ‘J’ in TMJ doesn’t stand for JAW
Will’s concern ESTATE
With ‘The,’ fantasy video game series including ‘Oblivion’ and ‘Skyrim’ ELDERSCROLLS
Without being asked UNBID
Words after ‘on’ or ‘by’ THEHOUR

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