Jonesin’ – Oct 30 2018

Clues Answers
‘Ain’t No Mountain High Enough,’ e.g DUET
‘And while ___ the subject …’ IMON
‘Baker Street’ instrument SAX
‘Be kind to animals’ org SPCA
‘Both Sides Now’ singer Mitchell JONI
‘Just ___ suspected!’ ASI
‘Law & Order’ actor Jeremy SISTO
‘OK, whatever’ FINE
‘Take Five’ pianist Brubeck DAVE
‘The Ballad of Peter Pumpkinhead’ band XTC
‘The Road to Mecca’ playwright Fugard ATHOL
‘Uh-huh’ YES
‘___ to vote, sir!’ (palindrome mentioned in Weird Al’s ‘Bob’) RISE
27-Down counterparts ALPHAS
Alternative to Windows UNIX
Animator Avery TEX
Apt to pry NOSY
Audition TRYOUT
Bar Bart barrages with crank calls MOES
Bed-In for Peace participant ONO
Belt-hole makers AWLS
Bird feeder block SUET
Blown away AWED
Braking method in skating that forms a letter shape TSTOP
Cajole COAX
Camping gear retailer REI
Canceled AXED
Candy bar now sold with ‘left’ and ‘right’ varieties TWIX
Car wash machine WAXER
Corn husk contents TAMALE
Dungeons & Dragons equipment DICE
Elvis’s middle name, on his birth certificate ARON
End of the quote PEOPLEWHOSHOWUP
Endo’s opposite EXO
Espadrille, for one SHOE
Farm team OXEN
Former Minister of Sport of Brazil PELE
Former partners EXES
Fundamental principle AXIOM
Gets a look at SEES
Greek column style IONIC
Indigenous Peoples’ Day mo OCT
Injection also used for migraines BOTOX
Is down with the sickness, maybe AILS
Key below X, on some keyboards ALT
Lacking height and depth, for short ONED
List that may be laminated MENU
Lyft transactions, e.g RIDES
May follower, sometimes JUN
Middle of the quote DETERMINEDBYTHE
Mode or carte preceder ALA
Movie crowd member EXTRA
Napoleon’s punishment EXILE
Not half-baked? DONE
Part of ppm PER
Play fragment SCENE
Pompousness EGO
Rust, for instance OXIDE
Shady political operative FIXER
Sidewalk edge CURB
Slight fight SPAT
Small versions, sometimes MINIS
Speed trap device RADAR
Start of a quote from Larry J. Sabato EVERYELECTIONIS
Started anew, as a candle RELIT
Study space? LAB
Supercollider particles ATOMS
Symbol of resistance? OMEGA
Take in or on ADOPT
Talk endlessly YAP
Thanksgiving side dish YAMS
They’re supposedly thwarted by captchas ROBOTS
Uruguayan uncles TIOS
Vote (for) OPT
Wheel shafts AXLES
Where ballots get stuffed BOXES
___ facto IPSO
___ in ‘elephant’ EAS
___ of iniquity DEN
___ Stix (powdered candy) PIXY
___Clean (product once pitched by Billy Mays) OXI

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