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Jonesin’ – Oct 9 2018

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Clues Answers
‘Akeelah and the Bee’ star Palmer KEKE
‘Come Back, Little ___’ (William Inge play) SHEBA
‘I Am America (And ___ You!)’ (2007 Stephen Colbert book) SOCAN
‘It’s a dog ___ dog world out there’ EAT
‘Julius Caesar’ inquiry ETTU
‘Let’s hide out!’ INHERE
‘No Logo’ author Naomi KLEIN
‘The Lion King’ lioness NALA
‘Wheel of Fortune’ creator Griffin MERV
Actress Gabor EVA
Advice to ‘Star Wars’ fans? STAYEWOK
Agcy. combating price fixing FTC
Animal that’s a source of Musk? ELONWOLF
British prep school offering singing lessons? ETONOFVOICE
Circumvent EVADE
Clapton-inspired New Orleans dish? REDBEANSANDERIC
Cut coupons, say SNIP
Cut in half BISECT
Da Gama, for one EXPLORER
Do some cutting and pasting EDIT
Does some workout tasks LIFTS
Draw forth EVOKE
Every last one ALL
Falco of two HBO series EDIE
Fantasy group TEAM
Features to count NOSES
Great buy STEAL
Group associated with Brooklyn since 2012 NETS
Handler of meteorology? WEATHEREVAN
Hanoi lunar festival TET
Holiday driver, in a phrase BUSMAN
Home theater component STEREO
Hot dish stand TRIVET
Indian yogurt drink LASSI
It ended in 1945 WWII
Japanese for ‘yes’ HAI
Jon of ‘Napoleon Dynamite’ HEDER
Kick back RELAX
Landscaping tools RAKES
Leave out OMIT
Like one end of a pool DEEP
Like some shady calls UNTRACED
Lofty HIGH
Loser to Truman and FDR DEWEY
Luau root TARO
Luminous sign gas NEON
Makes alterations to REFITS
Matinee stars IDOLS
Messes up ERRS
Metallic quality SHEEN
Name associated with IRAs ROTH
Neighborhood AREA
Old Norse letter RUNE
Oxford, e.g SHOE
Part of MIT, for short TECH
Pie shop purchase TART
Poet’s output VERSE
Rockstar Games game, to fans GTA
Scientist Albert who studied LSD HOFMANN
Scrape by, with ‘out’ EKE
Sea movement TIDE
Shadowy figure SPY
Shakespeare play split into two parts HENRYIV
Show whose 50th season would premiere in 2024 SNL
Sit ___ by (take no action) IDLY
Skewed type (abbr.) ITAL
Tempe sch ASU
The other side THEY
They may be beady EYES
Unscrupulous man KNAVE
Use a crowbar PRY
Wheat-free soy sauce TAMARI
Word in some obits NEE
You can’t take a Scantron with it PEN
___ the Elder (Roman statesman) CATO
___ Wafers (Nabisco brand) NILLA
___-pitch softball SLO