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Jonesin’ – Sep 18 2018

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Clues Answers
‘Excuse me, but …’ IFIMAY
‘Grey Cell Green’ band ___ Atomic Dustbin NEDS
‘I ___ the opinion …’ AMOF
‘Laugh-In’ comedian Johnson ARTE
‘The Girl From Ipanema’ saxophonist GETZ
‘The Godfather’ composer ___ Rota NINO
‘Wheel of Fortune’ host Sajak PAT
‘___ & Roy’ (2018 HBO kids’ show from Sesame Workshop) ESME
‘___, about that …’ YEAH
Abbr. on meat packages USDA
Address for a general, sometimes MAAM
Ate (together) BROKEBREAD
Atomizer amount SPRITZ
Back out QUIT
Bellybutton lint FUZZ
Bluish green AQUA
Border (on) ABUT
Both, at the beginning AMBI
Cassowary’s kin EMU
Christmas tree sale site LOT
Colin Dexter’s crossword-solving inspector MORSE
Coulrophobia, e.g FEAR
Couple, to tabloids ITEM
Devine of ‘Pitch Perfect’ ADAM
E, on a map EAST
EGOT winner Rita MORENO
Email receptacle INBOX
Evil ___ EYE
False accusation BUMRAP
Fizzy drinks COLAS
Frond-bearing plant FERN
Furniture store to meander through IKEA
Go all out EXERT
Great Lakes’ ___ Canals SOO
Hidden loot STASH
Hitchcock’s ‘___ Window’ REAR
Internet addict, slangily MOUSEPOTATO
Irish singer with the albums ‘O’ and ‘9’ DAMIENRICE
Isaac’s older son ESAU
It’s picked in Maui UKE
Kingpin CZAR
Laundry container HAMPER
Leaning type (abbr.) ITAL
Letter from Greece? ETA
Like a brow, at times KNIT
Love, in Latin AMOR
Majorca’s neighbor IBIZA
Man-made (abbr.) MFD
Martinique, par exemple ILE
Mason jar’s topper LID
Mazar of ‘Entourage’ DEBI
Mess up ERR
Mischievous one IMP
Mythical flyer ICARUS
Network that’s now Les-less CBS
Nickname of a Red Sox Hall-of-Famer YAZ
November follower? OSCAR
Obsessive fan STAN
One of South Africa’s official languages ZULU
Pacific salmon COHO
Part of SUV, for short UTE
Petting zoo noise BAABAA
Pigeon sound COO
Publisher within a publisher IMPRINT
Quirkily creative ARTSY
Short horror tales shared on the Internet CREEPYPASTA
Talk show guest, often CELEB
Text to an s.o. while away on a trip, maybe MISSYOU
The middle-sized bear MAMA
The whole thing ATOZ
Trumped-up UNTRUE
Up to it ABLE
Vehicle where the driver gets thanked BUS
Was forced HADTO
Weird Al song that states ‘I don’t care if you’re full’ EATIT
WWI battle river through Flanders YSER
Xbox series since 2001 HALO
Zener cards test for it ESP
Zig’s counterpart ZAG
___ Soundsystem LCD
___ spumante (sparkling wine) ASTI