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Jonesin’ – Sep 4 2018

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Clues Answers
‘Au revoir, ___ amis’ MES
‘Can’t eat another bite’ IMSTUFFED
‘Crazy Rich Asians’ actor Jimmy O. and comedian Jenny, for two YANGS
‘Don’t Worry, He Won’t Get Far on Foot’ director VANSANT
‘Good for what ___ ya’ AILS
‘Hole-in-the-wall’ establishments? ATMS
‘Jackass’ costar who had his own ‘Viva’ spinoff on MTV BAMMARGERA
‘No ___ way!’ (self-censorer’s exclamation) BLEEPIN
‘Ran’ director Kurosawa AKIRA
‘Things will be OK’ DONTDESPAIR
‘Yeah, just my luck …’ FIGURES
2008 puzzle game for the Wii that relied heavily on multiplayer modes TETRISPARTY
2016 Olympics city RIO
AKC working dog AKITA
Artillery barrages SALVOES
Big figure VIP
Charity calculation NEED
Coloraturas’ big moments ARIAS
Congenitally attached, in biology ADNATE
Cube origin? ICETRAY
Discreet way to be included on an email, for short BCC
Droop SAG
Elegy, perhaps SADSONG
Ex-NHL star Tikkanen ESA
Fa follower SOL
Feline ‘burning bright’ in a Blake poem TYGER
Flat floaters RAFTS
For each APIECE
Gregg Allman’s brother DUANE
Hard-to-search Internet area ‘just below the surface’ in that iceberg infographic DEEPWEB
Harvard’s school color before crimson MAGENTA
Hesitant TREPID
Hotshot ACE
Jekyll creator’s monogram RLS
Letters on NYC subways MTA
Longtime Jets QB who led the NFL in passer rating in 1985 KENOBRIEN
Magazine that sounds like a letter ELLE
Many seniors, near the end? PROMGOERS
Night away from the usual work, maybe EVENINGOFF
Norse goddess married to Balder NANNA
One step below the Majors TRIPLEA
Perry Mason creator ___ Stanley Gardner ERLE
Peter I, e.g TSAR
Pita filler FALAFEL
Plant firmly (var.) IMBED
Precede, as at a concert OPENFOR
Put into a different envelope REENCLOSE
Really liked DUG
Record player component TONEARM
Saxophonist’s supply REEDS
Seldom seen RARE
Slowdowns LETUPS
Snapchat features FILTERS
Spruces up PREENS
Strong pub option IPA
Suffix after hex- or pent- ANE
Supporting bars STRUTS
Surname of brothers Chris and Martin, hosts of ‘Zoboomafoo’ and a self-titled ‘Wild’ PBS Kids show KRATT
Taking a close look PEERING
Test for internal injuries, for short MRI
The slightest bit ONEIOTA
Uncompromising RIGID
URL component DOT
Velvet finish EEN
Where the military goes LATRINE
Woody Guthrie’s kid ARLO
Writer Bombeck ERMA
___-days (heavy practices for football teams) TWOA