L.A. Times Daily – Apr 1 2022 Crossword Answers

Clues Answers
‘It depends’ components IFS
‘Please remind me’ ILLFORGET
67-Across sites MESAS
Actress Longoria EVA
Ain’t like it oughta be? ARENT
Always there ETERNAL
Annual arrivals: Abbr YRS
Archangel of repentance URIEL
Architectural marker, or what can be found four times in this puzzle CORNERSTONE
Astonished INAWE
Bad sort of situation NOWIN
Berry bush BRAMBLE
Blubber SOB
Boris’ sidekick NATASHA
Came out in the wash? BLED
Came out suddenly SPURTED
Canapé delicacy PATE
Capital at 12,000 feet LHASA
Court orders STAYS
Criterion: Abbr STD
Defunct AT&T rival MCI
Execs’ wall displays MBAS
Falls into ruin DECAYS
Fiddlers follower, in verse THREE
Flight maintenance word DEICE
Give-go link ITA
Govt. agents TMEN
Hall of Famer who was a Yankee manager and a Mets coach BERRA
Houston campus RICE
I.M. Pei alma mater MIT
Intentions AIMS
Keeps out BANS
Key ending words? THEBRAVE
Like much love BROTHERLY
Like Paul Samuelson’s field ECONOMIC
Like roads in winter, at times SALTED
Lists for patrons MENUS
Luxury fashion name ARMANI
Maritime pronoun SHE
Modern navigation aids MICE
More than busy HECTIC
Natural climber IVY
Old Native American currency beads WAMPUM
Ottoman honorific AGHA
Picture puzzle REBUS
Postpone PUTOFF
Road runner AUTO
Rockies state UTAH
Rollout DEBUT
Romance novelist Hilderbrand ELIN
Seal on a ring SIGNET
Settle in a new country EMIGRATE
Small step ATOB
Soft drink opener? COCA
Some surfers WAHINES
Spiner of ‘Star Trek: T.N.G.’ BRENT
Start to snow? ESS
Still at it ACTIVE
Subtitle of Enya’s Grammy-winning ‘Orinoco Flow’ SAILAWAY
Sudden flight LAM
Summer at the Sorbonne ETE
Support pieces STUDS
SUV part, briefly UTE
Tirade RANT
Toucan’s pride BEAK
True to the original LITERAL
Try to locate SEEK
Ward of ‘FBI’ SELA
Witticism BONMOT
Word with board or mentioned ABOVE
Worldwide: Abbr INTL
WWII org. with a Pallas Athene symbol WAC
Yard, for one UNIT
__ Paulo SAO

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