L.A. Times Daily – Apr 10 2018

Clues Answers
“Adam Bede” novelist George ELIOT
“Argo” spy gp CIA
“By all means!” SURE
“Our Gang” kid with spiky hair ALFALFA
“The Chew” co-host Hall CARLA
“This Kiss” country singer FAITHHILL
“__ Tide!”: Alabama cheer ROLL
Abound (with) TEEM
Animation still CEL
Arrow shooter of myth EROS
Award coveted on “Mad Men” CLIO
Award for Isaac Asimov HUGO
Bagel spread SCHMEAR
Be released GOFREE
Blaze FIRE
Bogus offer SCAM
Braying beast ASS
British cattle breed HEREFORD
Changed-my-mind key ESC
Childish retort AMTOO
Chinese zodiac animal RAT
City near Scottsdale MESA
Coagulate CLOT
Cookbook maven Rombauer IRMA
Crates up ENCASES
Derby-wearing Addams cousin ITT
Dinghy steering tools OARS
Door openers KEYS
Environs AREA
Explosive liquid, briefly NITRO
First Nations tribe CREE
Former auto financing co GMAC
Freeway division LANE
Get smart with SASS
Go quickly, quaintly HIE
Gps. requiring copays HMOS
Great __: big dog DANE
Hawke of “Training Day” ETHAN
Heat in a microwave ZAP
Clues Answers
Heir’s financial security TRUSTFUND
Ill. clock setting CST
Important percentage to a prosecutor CONVICTIONRATE
In the sky ALOFT
Keep from going higher CAP
Light in color PALE
Like a weak excuse LAME
Liposuction target FAT
Make a fine impression? ETCH
Masseur’s supply OILS
Metallic mixture ALLOY
Modern mil. treaty violation NTEST
Monorail transport TRAM
Nautical measure FATHOM
Opening for air VENT
Pain-relieving drug OPIATE
PetSmart purchase CAGE
Railroad bridge framework TRESTLE
Reagan’s first secretary of state HAIG
Replaceable joint KNEE
Respectful address MAAM
River isles AITS
RR station posting SKED
Sailor TAR
Salon do COIF
Save, with “away” SOCK
Scrabble 10-pointer ZTILE
Soaked in hot water, as a tea bag STEEPED
Song often sung in Italian ARIA
Starbucks flavor MOCHA
Stick a toothpick in SPEAR
Swindler’s swindle CONFIDENCEGAME
Touched down ALIT
Unaided SOLO
Where feed can be stored SILO
Winter river blockage ICEDAM
With all the fine points INDETAIL
Younger siblings, at times PESTS
__ nerve OPTIC

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