L.A. Times Daily – Apr 11 2022 Crossword Answers

Clues Answers
“… butterfly … bee” boxer ALI
“… like the __ calling the kettle black” POT
“Young Frankenstein” Fräulein INGA
Actress Marisa TOMEI
Aids in illegal activity ABETS
Almost a homer TRIPLE
Animated feline in Inspector Clouseau films PINKPANTHER
Aptly named novelist READE
Avoid completely SHUN
Badly worn TATTY
Bar passer: Abbr ATT
Boob __: TV TUBE
Box for practice SPAR
Broadway backer ANGEL
Carp in a pond KOI
Church benches PEWS
Cleopatra’s snake ASP
Close, as a door SHUT
Corp. bigwig EXEC
CPR expert EMT
Cylindrical barn neighbor SILO
Dangerous tide RIP
Depleted USEDUP
Did not remain silent SPOKEUP
Digital units BYTES
Donkeys ASSES
Dutch flower TULIP
Firepit residue ASH
Free, after “at” NOCOST
Guy featured in “Practical Principles of Plain and Perfect Pronunciation” PETERPIPER
Had an evening meal DINED
Heckler’s word BOO
Hog’s home STY
Irish or English dogs SETTERS
Kimmy Schmidt player __ Kemper ELLIE
Kind of milk one shouldn’t cry over SPILT
Lire replacers EUROS
Little scissors cuts SNIPS
Livened (up) PERKED
Luxury watch ROLEX
Main blood vessel AORTA
More pristine PURER
MSN competitor AOL
Musical symbol SHARP
Naan relative ROTI
Nair rival, once NEET
NorCal NFL team NINERS
Ooze with EXUDE
OR attendants RNS
Person, place or thing, in grammar NOUN
Petite Mattel doll with her own Netflix TV series POLLYPOCKET
Phone no. go-withs EXTS
Places for belts WAISTS
Porky’s girlfriend PETUNIAPIG
Prefix for “five” PENTA
Put on a peg, as a golf ball TEED
Refinery by-product SLAG
Remote area known for its middle? NOWHERE
Rich as Croesus, e.g SIMILE
Road one-eighty UTURN
Séance contact SPIRIT
Second addendum to a letter … and a hint to 18-, 34-, 44- and 62-across PPS
Silent assent NOD
Snow pea holders PODS
Stuff of legends LORE
Tree with needles PINE
Tribal symbol TOTEM
Verdi opera set in Egypt AIDA
Wand symbolizing royal authority SCEPTER
Watering place OASIS
Well-worn pencil NUB
Will Smith film suggested by an Asimov classic IROBOT
World Wide __ WEB
Wyatt of Dodge City EARP
__ & Young: accounting firm ERNST
__-Seltzer ALKA

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