L.A. Times Daily – Apr 13 2022 Crossword Answers

Clues Answers
“It wasn’t me” NOTI
“Parks and __” REC
“Scorpion” co-star Katharine MCPHEE
“Us, too” SODOWE
“__ the ramparts … “ OER
41-Across, e.g DIAGRAM
Aid for the lost MAP
Ancient Mesoamerican OLMEC
As is fitting APTLY
Bat specialty, and what you need to find in four long answers ECHOLOCATION
Book after Galatians: Abbr EPH
Brit’s pond ATLANTIC
Candlemaker’s supply WICKS
Card game requirement, maybe ANTE
Chit IOU
City with two MLB teams CHI
Coagulate CLOT
Cocoa butter confection WHITECHOCOLATE
Court recitation OATH
Devil-may-care BLITHE
Didn’t stick around RAN
Dire March time IDES
Farm female HEN
Fly high SOAR
Give credit where credit isn’t due OVERRATE
Glossy coats ENAMELS
Golfer’s pocketful TEES
Grassland PRAIRIE
Guy found running through the alphabet? STU
Handled SAWTO
Holy scroll TORAH
Jack Ryan portrayer before Harrison ALEC
L.A. Rams’ __ McVay, youngest head coach to win the Super Bowl SEAN
Large sea snail CONCH
Like early childcare NEONATAL
Limerick’s land EIRE
Little terror IMP
Longtime Agassi rival SAMPRAS
Lowly worker PEON
Mekong Valley language LAO
Messenger __ RNA
Military jeep successor HUMVEE
More pretentious ARTIER
Musical series set at McKinley High GLEE
Name in “Kill Bill” credits UMA
Nocturnal bird that woke up Vinny in “My Cousin Vinny” SCREECHOWL
Old NCAA football ranking sys BCS
Online GEICO alternative ESURANCE
Persian Gulf ships OILERS
Photo tint SEPIA
Possessed HAD
Protective covering COCOON
Pummels with snowballs PELTS
Regarding ASTO
Roman who defeated Hannibal SCIPIO
Sell on the street HAWK
Series finale: Abbr ETAL
Slithery swimmers EELS
So inclined? STEEP
Soil-moving implement HOE
Test format with options MULTIPLECHOICE
They’re not from around here, briefly ETS
Triage areas: Abbr ERS
Using pointe shoes ONTOE
Watch closely EYE
Word shortened to its middle letter, in texts ARE
__-pitch SLO

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