L.A. Times Daily – Apr 17 2022 Crossword Answers

Clues Answers
“A pity” SAD
“Chad” network TBS
“F Troop” corporal played by Larry Storch AGARN
“Fighting” Indiana team IRISH
“I’m not __ brag, but … “ ONETO
“Mazel __!” TOV
“Spider-Man” reporter __ Leeds NED
“Superman & Lois” network THECW
“Tear down this wall!” speaker REAGAN
“Untoward behavior shall call for appropriate countermeasures,” e.g.? FANCYTHREAT
“__ girl!” ATTA
1932 presidential election victory? HOOVERDREAM
1970 Kinks hit LOLA
23rd Greek letter PSI
81-Down friend ROO
Absorbs, with “up” SOPS
Agnus __ DEI
All caps in an angry blog? INTERNETSCREAM
Artist friend of Dalí SERT
Astonish AWE
Barfly SOT
Basil-and-pine-nuts sauce PESTO
Beat decisively DRUB
Beginner TYRO
Belgian river YSER
Biblical spy CALEB
Binge-watcher’s device DVR
Board members who might become mated? KINGS
Boise-to-Fargo dir ENE
Brings together WEDS
Brush off SNUB
Burn a bit CHAR
Cal State city CHICO
Capital NNW of Copenhagen OSLO
Choler IRE
Christmas in Rome NATALE
Come out with a more current version of REISSUE
Common cone color ORANGE
Concert piece AMP
Congressional mtg SESS
Distant FAR
Dot follower? COM
Driver of “BlacKkKlansman” ADAM
Early Mexicans OLMECS
Electrolysis products IONS
Entering, as data TYPINGIN
Etna output ASH
Evoke an “Eww!,” maybe TASTEBAD
Farsi editor’s mark? PERSIANCARET
Finishing touch for foppish painters? PLACINGABERET
Fixed function SETROLE
Follower of Mao? TSE
Formicidae family member ANT
Fragrant compound ESTER
Fruity, so to speak BANANAS
Gator relative CROC
Glutinous VISCID
Go left instead of right, say ERR
He played Klaatu in “The Day the Earth Stood Still” KEANU
Head of France TETE
Heat units THERMS
Hi-__ image RES
Hider’s hissed revelation INHERE
Higher than normal, maybe ELEVATED
Hush-hush lamasery topic? BUDDHISTSECRET
Ideal NFL drive endings TDS
Inferior accommodations STEERAGE
It’s shocking TASER
Ivory, for one SOAP
Joust participants STEEDS
Keep going ENDURE
Lauren Hutton has been on its cover 26 times VOGUE
Lightning simulators STROBES
Long-nosed fish GAR
Long-running CBS drama NCIS
Make a killing on, in a way SCALP
Massachusetts motto starter ENSE
Meat serving CHOP
Modern greeting ECARD
Most any Disney princess HEROINE
Musicians’ garage creations, maybe DEMOCDS
Need to pay OWE
Nerve GUTS
No. 2 ASST
Nonsense ROT
Nose-wrinkling ODOROUS
Nytol competitor UNISOM
One inspiring PDAs BAE
Ones often seen in restricted lounges VIPS
Palm used in furniture RATTAN
PepsiCo sports beverage GATORADE
Perjurious testimony LIES
Permit LET
Pixar film set in Mexico COCO
Prefix with event or issue NON
Privy to INON
Prohibition words DONOT
Prov. bordering four Great Lakes ONT
Pt. of an age calculation DOB
Put away ATE
Really awful HORRID
Rejoice EXULT
Rounded, knotty tree growths BURLS
Shout CRY
Significant archaeological find DNA
Skilled at painting, say ARTISTIC
Skyler’s sister on “Breaking Bad” MARIE
Sleeper, for one TRAINCAR
Solemn event RITE
Sticks in drinks STIRRERS
Storied bear POOH
Submit a crossword, say SENDITIN
Supplies order phrase NEEDBY
Swing voters: Abbr INDS
They usually have frames GLASSES
Top names ELITE
Trig function SINE
Type of dog that does origami? FOLDINGBREED
U.S. peak officially renamed in 2015 DENALI
Unworldly INNOCENT
Urban park snack snitcher PIGEON
Valuable things ASSETS
Venetian Renaissance painter TITIAN
Video game letters NES
Viking great Tarkenton FRAN
Washer component AGITATOR
White team SOX
Wiseacre mom and dad? SMARTYPARENTS
Word with tax or L.A DODGERS
Worker with mice TECH
Yuletide display CRECHE
__ martini DRY
__ roll ONA

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