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L.A. Times Daily – Apr 18 2020 – Puzzle Solutions

Published in L.A. Times Crossword.

Clues Answers
“As You Like It” forest ARDEN
“Ender’s Game” author __ Scott Card ORSON
“In the Lonely Hour” singer Smith SAM
“Mercure” composer Erik SATIE
“My bad” OHSORRY
“Wrong!” ITISNT
15th-century ruler Axay√°catl, e.g AZTEC
2004 International Tennis Hall of Fame inductee GRAF
Absconds FLEES
Aerial daredevil STUNTPILOT
African antelope ELAND
Altered for the better TRANSFIGURED
Bank deposit? ORE
Beyond expectations OFFTHECHARTS
Cannon of Hollywood DYAN
Classified times EVES
Distant ALOOF
Doesn’t toss REUSES
Engaged BUSIED
English cathedral town ELY
Eurasian range URALS
Exude OOZE
Foam footwear CROC
Guitarist Paul LES
Heavenly dessert? MOONPIE
How a blown-open door may have been closed LOOSELY
ISP choice MSN
Israeli weapons UZIS
Jamaican music SKA
Joe __ SCHMO
John in Wales EVAN
John Wayne film set in Tanganyika HATARI
Kazan of “Olive Kitteridge” ZOE
Like a much-watched 8/21/2017 alignment ECLIPTIC
Liqueur flavoring MENTHE
Mall booths KIOSKS
Medalworthy acts HEROICS
Melodic pieces ARIOSI
Metropolis nickname MANOFSTEEL
Money layouts, say PHOTOSPREADS
More out-there EDGIER
Nakia portrayer in “Black Panther” LUPITANYONGO
Necessitated ENTAILED
Nevada city straddling the Humboldt River ELKO
Newton parts DYNES
Old swift fliers SSTS
One may be replaced KNEE
Ph.D. hurdle DISS
Place for a grinder DELI
Pre-revolution French royal residence site VERSAILLES
Pungent spreads AIOLIS
Refuse to talk, with “up” CLAM
Rough end? SHOD
Sean who played Samwise ASTIN
Sharpen HONE
Sharper-tasting TARTER
She plays Watson on “Elementary” LIU
Sieves SIFTS
Skin soother BALM
String group OCTET
Strive for SEEK
Surfer’s stop SITE
The better of a familiar pair LESSEREVIL
Trip-taking aid LSD
Uplift ELATE
Watts on the keys ANDRE
Wells’ Weena et al ELOI
__ Day: Hawaii celebration LEI
__ waiting CALL