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L.A. Times Daily – Apr 19 2020 – Puzzle Solutions

Published in L.A. Times Crossword.

Clues Answers
“A-Hunting We Will Go” songwriter ARNE
“Ask somebody else” NOTME
“No more for me” IMSET
“Poison” shrub SUMAC
“Yo ho ho” beverage RUM
“Zounds!” EGAD
1972 missile pact SALTI
Act aggressively toward COMEAT
Actor Mineo SAL
Adagio and presto TEMPI
Aesopian conclusion MORAL
Afternoon date, maybe LUNCH
Appointed one DESIGNEE
Audibly amazed AGASP
Badinage CHAFF
Bakery shell PIECRUST
Best time for beachcombing LOWTIDE
Biblical mounts ASSES
Big league members NATIONS
Bounding gaits LOPES
Bring to bear EXERT
Camel’s fat-storage site HUMP
Cat pickup spot SCRUFF
Catch in a sting ENTRAP
Cheer for ROOTON
Chicago’s __ Center AON
Cut off SNIP
Demeter’s Roman counterpart CERES
Digits in a clumsiness metaphor THUMBS
Do something ACT
Dramatic growth periods SPURTS
Dwarf planet since 2006 PLUTO
Early computer ENIAC
Edit __ MENU
Elevs HTS
Estonia, once: Abbr SSR
Factor of DX CII
Fallback strategy PLANB
Family nickname POPPA
Feature of a gravy-covered sandwich OPENFACE
Feeling caused by reading too many self-referential articles? METAFATIGUE
Finish END
Floral neckwear LEIS
Follow ENSUE
Fraction of a min NSEC
FĂștbol cheer OLE
Galette cooker CREPEPAN
Gallery event ARTSALE
Get top billing for STARIN
Glass unit PANE
Gnome cousin ELF
Goddess of peace IRENE
Half-baked INSANE
Hang it up, so to speak RETIRE
Holliday nickname DOC
Hotel amenities SAFES
How-__: manuals TOS
Hudson-to-Niagara River canal ERIE
Indefatigable UNTIRING
Indian tea region ASSAM
Industry bigwigs BARONS
Infielders BASEMEN
Ingredient in some pancakes SPUD
Insult humor in a cornfield? CROWROAST
Italian city known for a shroud TURIN
Kyle or Kurt of NASCAR BUSCH
Large size of the ’80s that now sounds tiny ONEMEG
Legume farmer’s concern? PEADEMAND
Lobster __ NEWBURG
Magazine with a pronoun title ELLE
Merrymakers REVELERS
Microbe GERM
Mil. flying branch USAF
Miscalculation, say ERROR
Muse with a lyre ERATO
Musical genre that means “work” in Italian OPERA
Myanmar, once BURMA
Narrow victory margin HAIR
Nautilus captain NEMO
Not yet realized UNMET
Obtained with effort PROCURED
Often-improvised light source TORCH
Ostrichlike bird EMU
Overhead support for a small army? ANTAIRCRAFT
Pace of walking GAIT
Pair in jigs? DOTS
Perfectly detailed model REPLICA
Performer with a record 21 Oscar nominations STREEP
Pig thief of rhyme TOM
Pill bottle info DOSES
Pitcher Nomo with two no-nos HIDEO
Port straddling the Bosporus ISTANBUL
Prodigy PHENOM
Providence athletes FRIARS
Put up ERECT
R-rating reason GORE
Rite lead-in? AMI
Rival of Sparta ARGOS
Roams freely RANGES
Sailing one small ship after another? BARKHOPPING
Savory jelly ASPIC
Seafood sauce TARTAR
Seamy component, as of politics UNDERSIDE
Searches for a well, say DOWSES
Sedate protests SITINS
Shamus TEC
Shilling’s five PENCE
Shows the way LEADS
Snider of Twisted Sister DEE
Soybean paste MISO
Sparkly headgear TIARA
Spring month in Porto MAIO
Stare blankly GAPE
Still eligible for a full refund, as clothing UNWORN
They hang around LOITERERS
Transplant, in a way REPOT
Trust that a supervised job will lead to full-time work? INTERNFAITH
Uno, por ejemplo NUMERO
Unrestrained episode SPREE
Urban pedestrian’s maneuver? TAXIDODGE
Very tops APEXES
Violin music word ARCO
Walk proudly STRUT
Wall fixture SCONCE
Well-meaning BENIGN
When doubled, a dangerous fly TSE
Where movie actors rehearse Southern accents? DRAWLLOTS
Winner’s flag PENNANT
With full force AMAIN
Worrier’s agenda CARES
Worshipper ADORER
Wrist bones CARPI
__ out a living EKED