L.A. Times Daily – Apr 19 2022 Crossword Answers

Clues Answers
“Dude!” BRO
“Farewell” ADIEU
“Hmm … I doubt that” UHNO
“I __ my case” REST
“Shall we head out?” READYTOGO
“The Flintstones” pet DINO
“The Time Machine” race ELOI
*Extremely hostile situation BELLYOFTHEBEAST
*Netflix series about a chess prodigy THEQUEENSGAMBIT
*Offensive in the First Gulf War DESERTSTORM
*Toyota RAV4 alternative NISSANROGUE
12 bottles of wine CASE
2019 N.L. MVP Bellinger CODY
Alabama head football coach Nick SABAN
Andalusian poet García __ LORCA
Automaker with a four-ring logo AUDI
Badlands bovine BISON
Belief system CREDO
Big name in theaters? IMAX
Blackjack card ACE
Bold poker play ALLIN
Broke, as a law VIOLATED
Cardamom-infused tea CHAI
Casts a ballot VOTES
Come after ENSUE
Comm. for the hearing-impaired ASL
Composer Stravinsky IGOR
Consider to be DEEM
Craigslist caveat ASIS
Donkey ASS
Driver’s aid, for short GPS
Driver’s turn, for short UEY
Folk singer Guthrie ARLO
French summer ETE
Function ROLE
Gaga over INTO
Had for dinner ATE
Have bills to pay OWE
Hockey face-off spot CENTERICE
Hubbub ADO
Leaf pore STOMA
Legged it RAN
Loops in, in a way CCS
Mark that may be covered by a tattoo SCAR
Marvel Comics mutants, four of whom can be found at the ends of the answers to the starred clues XMEN
Memorial tablet PLAQUE
Microscope part LENS
Mine extractions ORES
Miracle Mets outfielder Tommie AGEE
New Mexico’s state flower YUCCA
New York lake near Utica ONEIDA
Notion IDEA
Open the door for LETIN
Perched upon ATOP
Pixar character TOON
Recover HEAL
Retired NBA great Shaquille ONEAL
Scrapbook ALBUM
Seaweed for sushi NORI
She & Him, e.g DUO
Slyly cutting, as a remark SNIDE
Soft toss LOB
Sporadically INSPURTS
Start the poker pot ANTE
Tehran’s country IRAN
The Grand __ Opry OLE
Toni Morrison title character SULA
Uses a sieve SIFTS
Utah ski resort ALTA
Vase-shaped jug EWER
Walk casually MOSEY
Wineglass part STEM
Winnie-the-Pooh’s creator MILNE
Wyoming’s Grand __ National Park TETON
__ sequitur NON

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