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L.A. Times Daily – Apr 24 2020 – Puzzle Answers

Published in L.A. Times Crossword.

Clues Answers
“Frontline” network PBS
“Gimme the skinny!” TELLIT
“The Shape of Water” director GUILLERMODELTORO
“Watch your mouth!” DONTGIVEMEANYLIP
“__ delighted!” IDBE
35th pres JFK
Altar words IDOS
Balkan native SERB
Bartleby, notably SCRIVENER
Below 71-Across POOR, SUBPAR, BLAH
Bench mallet GAVEL
Cabbage in a French café? EUROS
Cheer for a banderillero OLE
Chest material CEDAR
Christmas __ EVE
Co. that bought Netscape in 1999 AOL
Command to Fido STAY
Common stock option? SOUP
Conceals, in a way PALMS
Conspicuous display ECLAT
Construction __ SITE
Corner quartet, perhaps STOPSIGNS
Dutch cheese EDAM
English “L’chaim!” TOLIFE
Evergreen shrubs ERICAS
Explosive stuff TNT
Fair-hiring initials EOE
Food service trade org NRA
French flag couleur BLEU
Garden-variety, and a hint to what’s hidden in 18-, 43- and 65-Across AVERAGE
Genesis victim ABEL
Have one’s chance to speak GETASAY
High pair ACES
Hilo shindig LUAU
Hold higher, as a baby bottle TIPUP
Hold sway REIGN
In bygone days AGO
Indifferent NUMB
Island nation whose flag has a Union Jack on it FIJI
Larger-than-life creations COLOSSI
LeBron’s team, on scoreboards LAL
License fig IDNO
Like some wonders ONEHIT
Lively dances JIGS
Long trip VOYAGE
Meat on a stick KEBAB
Noir weapon GAT
Northern Iraqis KURDS
Not well ILL
Numberless type of ball CUE
Old tankard metal PEWTER
Others, in Latin ALII
Pack animal ASS
Pole in a lock OAR
Prefix with angle or athlete TRI
Put into play ENACTED
Roadie’s haul AMPS
Rolling rock? LAVA
Savage of “MythBusters” ADAM
Seeks permission ASKS
Smaller-than-life depiction ICON
Snapchat marketing expert, in modern lingo SOCIALMEDIANINJA
Spanish soccer association that means “the league” LALIGA
Spleen IRE
Stain SPOT
Stylist’s braid CORNROW
Suffix for but- ANE
Super star NOVA
Swiss river AARE
Urban of country KEITH
Virtual-city denizen SIM
Ward with awards SELA
Welsh national emblem LEEK
What a pursuer seeks to narrow THEGAP
World Series mo OCT
__ column SPINAL
__ Roll-Ups FRUIT
__ status MARITAL