L.A. Times Daily – Apr 3 2022 Crossword Answers

Clues Answers
“Arabian Nights” vehicle CARPET
“Around the Horn” channel ESPN
“Brockmire” network IFC
“Hunny” lover POOH
“I had no idea” GEE
“Let me clarify … “ IMEAN
“No Time for Sergeants,” e.g.? NONCOMFICTION
“The Munsters” matriarch LILY
“__ Beso”: 1962 Anka hit ESO
19-Across, on a memo INRE
20th-century Chinese ideology MAOISM
Admirers, as a group FANDOM
Apple juice eponym MOTT
Arboreal apex TREETOP
Attentive HEEDFUL
Award recipient HONOREE
Become fond of WARMTO
Beer nickname BUD
Besides that ELSE
Big hits SMASHES
Big name STAR
Book predecessor SCROLL
Boot a grounder, say ERR
Chance-of-rain nos PCTS
Cigar end, in two senses ASH
Closing pieces POSTLUDES
Cocktail named for a plant MIMOSA
Colorful songbird ORIOLE
Comme une jeune fille PETITE
Commercial bigwigs ADEXECS
Common par FOUR
Confront opposite AVOID
Confucian path TAO
Confused conflict MELEE
Court errors FAULTS
Darns, say SEWS
Didn’t take well? STOLE
Dismiss contemptuously SPURN
Done with, perhaps TIREDOF
Down source EIDER
Eagerly accepted, as compliments LAPPEDUP
Edges RIMS
Elephant feature TUSK
Encountered MET
Endorse certain property barriers? COMMENDFENCES
Ensnare TRAP
Estimate words ORSO
Examined by touch PALPATED
Fall lead-in? PRAT
Far from festive LENTEN
Feel bad about RUE
Ferret relatives POLECATS
Fishing nets SEINES
Fixes the edge of REHEMS
Foolish ways IDIOCIES
Fountain favorite MALTED
French vineyards CRUS
Fresh food fight? FRUITCOMBAT
Go beyond dating WED
Go faster, with “it” STEPON
Go too far OVERDO
Govt. accident investigator NTSB
Grill a bit too long? COMBUSTONESCHOPS
Grooming style named for a continent AFRO
Happy companion? DOC
Harris and a horse EDS
Haunted house occupants, it’s said SPIRITS
Immortal confection? COMFITFORTHEGODS
In the area of ABOUT
Joan __ OFARC
Joint effort, briefly COLLAB
Just fair SOSO
Largest of the Inner Hebrides SKYE
Less verbose TERSER
Make special mention of NOTE
Mashed into a paste PUREED
Measured, with “off” PACED
Miembro de la familia TIO
Miner’s finds ORES
More than just comfortable RICH
Na+ or Cl- ION
Name on the “Robot” sci-fi series ISAAC
Neckwear accessory TIEPIN
Novel features PLOTS
Old Norse poetic work EDDA
One may be saved or taken SEAT
One may stand on them to reach a high shelf TOES
Oolong and pekoe TEAS
Opera highlights ARIAS
Oppressive ruler DESPOT
Palatial mansion navigation need? HALLCOMPASS
Portuguese year ANO
Post-op places ICUS
Prefix with cumulus ALTO
Prime time time NINE
Reference library array TOMES
Saturate DRENCH
Scot’s tot BAIRN
Sealy rival SERTA
Shaker grains SALT
Sheltered from the sun SHADY
Sound from a snorter OINK
Source of class struggle? TEST
Stairway alternative RAMP
Stew veggies PEAS
Stuck in __ ARUT
Text letters often in blue URL
The Pac-12’s Sun Devils: Abbr ASU
Third-century date CCX
Title TV role for Sandra Oh EVE
Titular Verdi bandit ERNANI
Too good for ABOVE
Tough H.S. tests APS
Traditionally, amount of land plowable by one man in one day with a team of oxen ACRE
TV series with funny animals? PETSITCOM
Tyke on a trike TOT
Utah city that’s an anagram of an Italian city OREM
Valentine’s Day gift ROSES
Venomous slitherers ASPS
Visionaries SEERS
Way more than drizzle POUR
Weaken SAP
Well-trodden ways PATHS
Wheel center HUB
Wild way to run AMOK
Winter forecast SNOW
Winter road hazard ICEPATCH
Won’t let go DETAINS
Word after scared or bored STIFF
Yale, for five U.S. presidents ALMAMATER
__ bean PINTO
__ John: meat brand FARMER
__ wolf CRY

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