L.A. Times Daily – Apr 5 2022 Crossword Answers

Clues Answers
“a.k.a.” name ALIAS
“Brace yourself” HOLDONTOYOURHAT
“Furthermore … “ AND
“High waving heather __ stormy blasts bending”: E. Brontë NEATH
“I do” site ALTAR
“Pow!” relative BAM
“So long” BYE
“What __ the odds?” ARE
Actor Baldwin ALEC
Addis __ ABABA
Apple pie maker’s device CORER
Arizona politics family name UDALL
Author Rand AYN
Banks of “America’s Next Top Model” TYRA
Bert’s Muppet buddy ERNIE
Big Aussie bird EMU
Blind strips SLATS
Calif. legal drama LALAW
Car music source RADIO
Clever chuckle HEH
Coffee cup MUG
Commercial cow ELSIE
Cross-shaped letter TAU
Danish director von Trier LARS
Disney’s Little Mermaid ARIEL
Do a guard’s job STANDWATCH
First AFL-CIO leader George __ MEANY
Food on the farm FODDER
Friend ALLY
Gas sign in green letters HESS
Group of whales POD
Hersey’s “A Bell for __” ADANO
Hoarse voice RASP
Home of the NFL’s Saints, informally NOLA
IRA part: Abbr RET
It can precede or follow tac TIC
Jack Ryan org CIA
Lasting emotional injury SCAR
Laugh at a joke, say REACT
Llama relative ALPACA
Lured (in) ROPED
Metaphor in a big gambling loss SHIRT
Miller __: beer LITE
Mountain gap NOTCH
Musical conductor … and what the end of 18-, 23-, 40- or 51-Across can be? BANDLEADER
Musical effect involving two quickly played repeated notes TRILL
Nos in Novgorod NYETS
Old Italian money LIRA
One of a yardstick’s 36 INCH
Oriole Park at __ Yards CAMDEN
Part of LLC: Abbr LTD
Pitching stats ERAS
Play loudly, as a 53-Down BLARE
Poet’s “many times” OFT
Prevail in the race (just barely) WINBYAHAIR
QB’s concern INT
Rolling in francs RICHE
Santa __, Calif CLARA
Seaman’s “Help!” MAYDAY
Showed over RERAN
Small salamander NEWT
Soft French cheese BRIE
Solution for a pencil error ERASER
Surname of vintners Ernest and Julio GALLO
Suspect’s out ALIBI
Sword sheath SCABBARD
Tart-tasting preserve veggies RHUBARBS
Tiny six-legged crawler ANT
Tourney ranking SEED
Unable to find the way LOST
Vardalos or Long NIA
Vietnam’s capital HANOI
Vote of approval AYE
Zagreb natives CROATS
__ and outs: workings INS
__ es Salaam DAR
__ Island, home of the original Nathan’s CONEY

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