L.A. Times Daily – Apr 7 2022 Crossword Answers

Clues Answers
“Balderdash!” LIES
“Cheers” server DIANE
“If u ask me … “ IMO
“The Hunger Games” land PANEM
“__ say it?” DAREI
12-step offshoot ALANON
1994 National Women’s Hall of Fame inductee OPRAH
A, B or C, but not X, Y or Z NOTE
About INRE
Acted as an informant, in Ipswich NARKED
Anti-anxiety med ATIVAN
Arrival cry IMHERE
Assists, e.g STAT
Banish EXILE
Bracketology event (Cambridge) MARCHMADNESS
Brand with a Grabbin’ Grape flavor HIC
Carol opener ADESTE
Charge FEE
Chill-inducing EERIE
Choral platform RISER
Cooled by rocks, in a way ONICE
Country leaders, and along with names in parentheses, a hint to 18-, 24-, 39- and 49-Across Headsofstate
Exploited USED
Eye twitch, maybe TIC
Fanfare POMP
Fellows HES
Firmly held ideas TENETS
Flummox ADDLE
Frat letter TAU
French way RUE
Game delay cause BRAWL
Get rid of AXE
Group of scenes ACT
Gun, as an engine REV
High-def screen LCDTV
iHeartRadio fare OLDIE
It might be crowned MOLAR
K-12, in brief ELHI
Kia model OPTIMA
Large deep-water fish OPAH
Laundry brand ERA
Locker room powder TALC
Lopsided win ROMP
Magna cum __ LAUDE
Milk for losers NONFAT
MLB family name ALOU
Mo. named for an emperor AUG
More than -er EST
Move like water FLOW
Narrow waterway RIA
NFL’s Cardinals, on scoreboards ARI
Numbers with a colon ODDS
One having a ball DEB
OTC watchdog FDA
Part of a pot ANTE
Paso __, Calif ROBLES
Pewter, mostly TIN
Player in 18-Across CAGER
Pot part LID
Publisher Chandler OTIS
Radamès’ love AIDA
Reminder trademark POSTIT
Rhythms BEATS
Risky operations often with code names (Ann Arbor) MILITARYMISSIONS
Said goodbye to, with “of” TOOKLEAVE
Science class visual aid (Joplin) MOLECULARMODEL
Second word of many limericks ONCE
Sensed FELT
Series that included Bugs and Daffy (Augusta) MERRIEMELODIES
Some taxi toppers ADS
Soup served with chopsticks PHO
Texter’s “But … “ OTOH
The Blue Fairy helped Pinocchio escape from him, in the Disney film STROMBOLI
They might hold chairs at a circus TAMERS
Till stack TENS
Tire pressure fig PSI
Triumphant cry IRULE
World leader with a distinctive suit MAO
Writer Rand AYN
__ kitchen EATIN

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