L.A. Times Daily – Apr 8 2022 Crossword Answers

Clues Answers
‘Collages’ novelist NIN
‘Eureka!’ AHA
‘Isle of Dogs’ director Anderson WES
‘No objection here’ SUITSME
1963 film that was a 1991 Horror Hall of Fame inductee THEBIRDS
Actress Petty LORI
Albuquerque sch UNM
And more of the same, in brief ETAL
Besides, with ‘from’ APART
Bill TAB
Bond baddie DRNO
Bromide SAW
Buenos __ AIRES
Bygone Mideast gp UAR
Came down ALIT
Capital of colonial Burma RANGOON
Cartoon ruckus sound BAM
Condition treated by Ritalin, briefly ADHD
Couldn’t stand anymore? SAT
Criticizes RAPS
Diplomacy TACT
Fantasized DREAMT
Field worker having a pastrami on rye? FARMERINTHEDELI
File target NAIL
Floor support JOIST
Fur that’s a symbol of royalty ERMINE
Group playing mind games MENSA
Impede SLOW
Indonesian dive bar? BALIJOINT
Israeli-born designer Tahari ELIE
Its nose says a lot about its quality WINE
Ivy attendee ELI
Job field that embraces seniority GERIATRICS
Kane’s boyhood sled ROSEBUD
Keurig Dr Pepper brand BAI
Like the ‘funny bone’ nerve ULNAR
Like the Godhead TRIUNE
Lucretius’ love AMOR
Made illegal contact with, in some sports FOULED
Memory of the 1996 Olympic flame lighting? ALIINYOURMIND
Mocks APES
Mr. Fixit, casually DIYGUY
Mumbai melody RAGA
Old TV knob HOR
One often paying a fee USER
Overturned card consequence, perhaps REDEAL
Passel RAFT
Pastoral group HERD
Poem of 15,000+ lines ILIAD
Prominent part of a Tex-Mex chain’s logo? THEBIGCHILI
Records ENTERS
Refuse craft SCOW
Revolution constant AXIS
Rowers OARS
Sharply outline ETCH
Simone of song NINA
Since Jan. 1 YTD
Sly tactics RUSES
Soul, for one AUTO
Strings, woodwinds, etc SECTIONS
They work in cells BEES
To an equal extent ASMUCH
Tom or jack MALE
Try to deal (with) WRESTLE
Visa competitor AMEX
__ roll EGG
___ d’Or: Cannes award PALME

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