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L.A. Times Daily – April 2 2019

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Clues Answers
“Alien” director Ridley __ SCOTT
“Casino” co-star Joe PESCI
“I haven’t the foggiest” ITBEATSME
“I’m clever” chuckle HEH
“__ who?” SEZ
*Grade school presentation SHOWANDTELL
*Nuclear treaty subject TESTBAN
*Slim-fitting Dior creation PENCILSKIRT
*Tough period in life HARDTIMES
2018 National Toy Hall of Fame inductee UNO
Antonio’s three TRE
Bit of energy ERG
Brazilian map word SAO
Bread spread OLEO
Cacophonous NOISY
Camper’s cover TARP
Canapé garnish ROE
Caps, and a hint to the answers to starred clues UPPERCASE
Casino convenience ATM
Centipede game company ATARI
Closer to being harvested RIPER
Come back (with) COUNTER
Competition CONTEST
Consumed amounts INTAKES
Cross-country southern hwy ITEN
Drambuie and Scotch cocktail RUSTYNAIL
Draw sap from, as a maple TAP
Drive or reverse GEAR
Ease up ABATE
Eggs purchase DOZEN
Event with courses MEAL
Excessively TOO
Formula __: auto racing class ONE
Founder of Edom ESAU
Fr. holy woman STE
Get it SEE
Get the best of OUTDO
Goldie with a Golden Globe HAWN
Grooming process TOILETTE
Hawk, in the military sense WARMONGER
Hit the jackpot WON
Hurries, old-style HIES
In the buff NUDE
Irish poet who wrote “Easter, 1916” YEATS
Juan’s “that” ESO
Local residents, to local college students TOWNIES
Looks flushed ISRED
Main artery AORTA
Materials for babies’ rugs LAMBSKINS
Microbrewery product ALE
Month before febrero ENERO
Moulin Rouge, notably CABARET
Narrative writing PROSE
Naysayers ANTIS
Paper size: Abbr LTR
Philippines peak: Abbr MTAPO
Plains native OTOE
Prescription items DRUGS
Pretty __ picture ASA
Rapscallion SCAMP
Reverb in a chamber ECHO
Second section PARTB
Shenanigan ANTIC
Singer Turner’s memoir ITINA
Snap or split veggie PEA
Some are compulsive LIARS
Squeeze (out) EKE
Strasbourg summer ETE
Studios for artists ATELIERS
Take a broom to SWEEP
That, old-style YON
Toothed tools SAWS
Toy with, cat-style PAW
War on Poverty org OEO
Web surfing tool MODEM
__ roll: student’s achievement HONOR