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L.A. Times Daily – April 25 2019

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Clues Answers
“Dude, nice buzzer collection!” KILLERBEES
“Dude, nice metered text!” EPICPOEM
“Dude, nice riding crop!” COOLWHIP
“Dude, nice root vegetable!” SWEETPOTATO
“Dude, nice triatomic molecule!” FRESHWATER
“May I say something?” AHEM
“Messiah,” e.g ORATORIO
“Sesame Street” Muppet BERT
“Sesame Street” woman for 44 years MARIA
2018 Pulitzer Prize for Music winner Kendrick LAMAR
Accomplish ACHIEVE
Aid in battling blazes HOSE
Animal that sounds like a musical note DOE
Appeals (to) SPEAKS
Bad spells HEXES
Bit of folklore MYTH
Bring in REAP
Broiling spot OVEN
Color in a darkroom SEPIA
Communist icon MARX
Conan’s network TBS
Crumb carriers ANTS
Cyclops organ EYE
Director Eastwood CLINT
Flat for an artist LOFT
Folk hero Crockett DAVY
Former U.N. leader Annan KOFI
Free bakery treat? AROMA
Gasteyer of “Lady Dynamite” ANA
Genesis casualty ABEL
Get a lode of this ORE
Handy program APP
Hermes, in the Potterverse OWL
In or out, at times PREFIX
Indy 500 stat MPH
Insect midsection THORAX
IRS table column TAXRATE
Jefferson Memorial column type IONIC
Lake named for a tribe HURON
Letters after T? REX
Like ALA
Like some subscription-based sites ADFREE
Many millennia EONS
Method WAY
Mexican coin PESO
Muddy home STY
NBA stats PTS
Nonprofit URL ending ORG
Novelist Umberto ECO
Office position DESKJOB
Olympics infrastructure project ARENA
One not found on a violin FRET
Oompa-Loompa creator DAHL
Open, as oysters SHUCK
Opening on a sweater? PORE
Parlor pictures TATTOOS
Party times, often EVES
Place to pull over SHOULDER
Playground retort DOESSO
Pod member WHALE
Producer of cones and needles PINE
Rare NFL result TIE
Redness-removing brand VISINE
Relief pitcher, in baseball lingo FIREMAN
Salt dispenser SHAKER
Scabbers, in the Potterverse RAT
Song for one ARIA
Sports bar fixtures TVS
Study, with “up” BONE
Tear RIP
They’re beside the point CENTS
Where Andorra is EUROPE
Word from Arabic for “sacred, inviolable place” HAREM
Yoda trainee JEDI
Yoga pose similar to a push-up PLANK
__ out a living EKE
__-mo replay SLO