L.A. Times Daily – Aug 1 2018

Clues Answers
“Better Call Saul” network AMC
“Cupcake Wars” appliance OVEN
“East of Eden” director Kazan ELIA
“Grumpy” film guys OLDMEN
“If only” IWISH
“It’s __!” ADATE
“To boldly go,” e.g SPLITINFINITIVE
Bit of texting mirth LOL
Boston winter hrs EST
Cat owner’s purchase KITTYLITTER
Central MAIN
Chinese bamboo eaters PANDAS
Church songs MOTETS
City on the Adriatic BARI
Color from the French for “mole” TAUPE
Cowardly Lion portrayer LAHR
Declares STATES
Deeply engrossed RAPT
Desert riverbed WADI
Diagnostic pic CTSCAN
Diamond authority UMP
Doesn’t guzzle SIPS
Dramatist Coward NOEL
Drinks with scones TEAS
Game played with one’s “little eye” ISPY
Got 100 on ACED
Half a notorious crime duo CLYDE
Iberian river EBRO
Indonesian island JAVA
Iota follower KAPPA
Iridescent gem OPAL
Jefferson Airplane song with the words “Go ask Alice” WHITERABBIT
Keys of music ALICIA
Level TIER
Light-ly armed fighter? JEDI
Like many a college graduate INDEBT
Like the Piper PIED
Clues Answers
Lille lily LYS
Liveliness VITALITY
Loan default risk REPO
MouthHealthy.org initials ADA
Multiplex theater count SCREENS
Nerve impulse carrier AXON
Nest-building flier WASP
On vacation OFF
Opposite of slack TAUT
Piece of land LOT
Prefix with gram SONO
Really enjoyed, with “up” ATE
Resembling the walking dead ZOMBIELIKE
Rough file RASP
Say no to DENY
Semicircular church area APSE
Sharpie, e.g FELTTIPPEN
Ship __ bottle INA
Sitar master Shankar RAVI
Slender aquarium swimmer EEL
Spoil, with “on” DOTE
Swedish retail giant IKEA
Tabloid pair found in 17-, 23-, 36- and 49-Across ITCOUPLE
Takes by force SEIZES
Tennis legend Chris EVERT
ThinkPad maker LENOVO
Throwing money around, in slang SPENDY
To the degree that ASFARAS
Tom Stoppard creation PLAY
TV shopper’s option HSN
Verdict challenge APPEAL
Words before a start date ASOF
Wordsmith’s ref OED
Wrapped up OVER
Yemen’s main port ADEN
__ interview EXIT
__ urchin SEA
__-mo replay SLO

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