L.A. Times Daily – Aug 1 2021 Crossword Answer

Clues Answers
“… __ the set of sun”: “Macbeth” ERE
“By yesterday!” ASAP
“Bye now” SOLONG
“Catch-22” pilot ORR
“Chopped” host Allen TED
“It matters to me” ICARE
“Just the __ Us”: 1981 and 1998 hit TWOOF
“Little” car of song GTO
“Meet John Doe” director CAPRA
“Othello” villain IAGO
“Smooth Operator” singer SADE
“Teach Your Children” group, initially CSNY
“That’s a terrific price” SWEETDEAL
106-Across, at a winter carnival ICEPALACE
1987 Costner role NESS
22-Across, emotionally MELANCHOLY
36-Across, in the Old West FORTYNINER
52-Across, from the sky SUNBEAM
74-Across, in the Cold War FIDELCASTRO
90-Across, in the forest DOUGLASFIR
Accomplished ABLE
Adjutant AIDE
Agra attire SARIS
Ancient couples carrier ARK
Annex ELL
Backin’ FER
Bang-up AONE
Barfly’s binge TOOT
Barrie’s “man who stabbed without offence” SMEE
Belmonts lead singer DION
Big name in frozen food GREENGIANT
Big-eyed tyke OWLET
Bit of baby talk COO
Blessings BOONS
Blunted blade EPEE
Borodin’s “Prince __” IGOR
Coll. major ENG
Colombian city CALI
Confute REBUT
Connery and McCartney SIRS
Countdown follower NEWYEAR
Der __: Adenauer epithet ALTE
Desire YEN
Director Riefenstahl LENI
Dividing-cell process MITOSIS
Draw a bead on AIM
Dutch Golden Age artist STEEN
EPA concern SMOG
Exhausted BEAT
Existence BEING
Facetious five? AEIOU
Flash of light GLEAM
Four-legged “king” LION
Frazzles JARS
Genetic variations ALLELES
GHWB predecessor RWR
Hat-tipper’s word MAAM
High winds OBOES
Highest Scrabble letter value TEN
Highway event? ROBBERY
HR dept. concern RELO
Implied TACIT
In-box contents EMAIL
Indeed TRULY
Insurance company with a longtime Peanuts-based ad campaign METLIFE
Island nation east of Fiji TONGA
Jabbers PRATES
Kind of sauce or milk SOY
Kutcher of “That ’70s Show” ASHTON
Ky. neighbor IND
Lace securers EYELETS
Large shoulder bag HOBO
Lead-in to second NANO
Like major sports games except baseball TIMED
Like Weird Al songs PARODIC
Lover with ulterior motives GOLDDIGGER
Lucille Ball, e.g REDHEAD
Made after taxes NETTED
Makes sense FITS
Mallorca o Menorca ISLA
MaracanĂ£ Stadium city RIO
Misunderstanding metaphor GAP
Mountain ridge ARETE
Nailed ACED
Narnia antagonist WITCH
Neoclassical movement based on Greek ideals HELLENISM
Nevada slots spot RENO
NFL brother of Peyton ELI
Numbered works OPUSES
Official records ACTA
Old character RUNE
Old USSR espionage gp KGB
On the open deck TOPSIDE
One of a West Coast trio BLUESTATE
Online payment option ECHECK
Orange __ tea PEKOE
Org. with an annual open tournament USGA
Paltry amount SOU
Paris possessive AMOI
Party time, casually BDAY
PC shortcut key ALT
PC-to-PC hookup LAN
PG-13 issuing org MPAA
Phony (up) HOKE
Photo PIC
Presidential address WHITEHOUSE
Retract, as one’s words EAT
Rodeo challenge BRONC
RR map dot STN
Sassy West MAE
Seed coat ARIL
Self-Operating Napkin creator Goldberg RUBE
Shine GLOW
Show of affection KISS
Silo contents GRAIN
Sing like Dean Martin CROON
Snow coaster SLED
Soil-smoothing tools HARROWS
Spa sigh AAH
Split to unite ELOPE
Srs.’ income sources IRAS
Stat on a dealer’s sticker MPG
Street warning YELLOWLIGHT
Subatomic particle PION
Subway gates STILES
Syracuse locale: Abbr NYS
Think about SLEEPON
Tongue twister merchandise SEASHELLS
Tour-organizing gp PGA
Town name word suggesting higher elev HTS
Trendy berry ACAI
Turturro of “The Sopranos” AIDA
TV show with mashups GLEE
Unfavorable, as wind ILL
Unit of volume GALLON
Unwise, as a choice BAD
Words preceding bad news IFEAR
Yoda trainees JEDIS
__-Caps SNO

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