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L.A. Times Daily – Aug 1 2022 Crossword Answers

Published in L.A. Times Crossword.

Clues Answers
“Comprende?” SEE
“God __ America” BLESS
“How unfortunate” ITSSAD
“Oh, nonsense!” PSHAW
“Same here” SOAMI
“The __ have it”: “Motion carries” AYES
“To a … ” poems ODES
“Wheels down” stat, for short ETA
“__ you sure?” ARE
*Clickable device with a light sensor OPTICALMOUSE
*One who’s easily frightened SCAREDYCAT
*Simple riding toy HOBBYHORSE
Actor Shandling GARRY
Anti-cruelty movement, and what the answers to the starred clues literally have ANIMALRIGHTS
Auction offer BID
Bacteria that may trigger a food recall ECOLI
Bang, as one’s toe STUB
Big name in water filters BRITA
Bizarre OUTRE
Bookish sort NERD
Bruce of the “Die Hard” films WILLIS
Bygone Russian rulers TSARS
Chapter in history ERA
Chemical in oven cleaners LYE
Chesapeake Bay crustacean CRAB
Chihuahua or Sonora, por ejemplo ESTADO
Chinese currency YUAN
Citrus drink ORANGEADE
Clearance rack caveat ASIS
Confined, with “up” PENT
Contents of a backup drive FILES
Craft brewer’s brew ALE
Cravings YENS
Crimson RED
Curved sections ARCS
Decorative jugs EWERS
Director’s shout CUT
Downton Abbey’s Mrs. Patmore, for one COOK
Get-up-and-go OOMPH
Goes out with DATES
GPS suggestions RTES
Grazing grounds RANGELAND
Ice cream serving SCOOP
Increased in size GREW
Iraq’s eastern neighbor IRAN
Kid-lit writer/illustrator Eric CARLE
Knock about ROAM
Lavish party GALA
Lavish party FETE
Life partner MATE
Light brown color TAN
Merit badge earner SCOUT
Mideast leader EMIR
Muscat native OMANI
Onion kin CHIVE
Peace activist Yoko ONO
Prestigious prize with six categories NOBEL
Prying tool LEVER
R&B’s Boyz II __ MEN
Religious splinter groups SECTS
Safe to consume EDIBLE
Say out loud UTTER
See 51-Down END
Skill measured in wpm TYPING
Snail-paced POKY
Spiky winter hanger ICICLE
Stand-up performer COMIC
Stockings HOSIERY
Tolkien monster ORC
Top-quality AONE
Video game pioneer ATARI
Violin master who taught Stradivari AMATI
With 13-Down, clothing retailer that began as a mail-order yachting supply company LANDS
Yemen coastal city ADEN
__ Beta Kappa PHI
__ Cooper: small car made by BMW MINI
__ Domini ANNO