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L.A. Times Daily – Aug 11 2020 Crossword Answers

Published in L.A. Times Crossword.

Clues Answers
“Frasier” actress Gilpin PERI
“Hometown Proud” supermarket chain IGA
“If it __ broke … “ AINT
“Scream” star Campbell NEVE
Agreements PACTS
Alpine transport TBAR
An hr. past midnight ONEAM
Architect Jones INIGO
Backwoodsy RUSTIC
Bad thing to blow on the road TIRE
Baking device OVEN
Beat into a froth WHIP
Blackens TARS
Bother FUSS
Brazilian soccer legend PELE
Chews the scenery EMOTES
Coming-out DEBUT
Computer operator USER
Corrodes RUSTS
Course that helps your GPA EASYA
Daredevil Knievel EVEL
Diamond Head locale OAHU
Dorky sort NERD
Eastern sashes OBIS
Eaton of the Washington Nats ADAM
Evasive maneuver ENDRUN
Face-to-face exam ORAL
Fig. with a radius CIR
Formally break away SECEDE
Ghostly glow AURA
Grabbing-the-tab words ONME
Herr’s honey FRAU
Hoof sound CLOP
Horn of Africa country: Abbr ETH
Horror or humor GENRE
Intermittent ONANDOFF
It may be reserved SEAT
Lacking illumination UNLIT
Lampoon SATIRE
Library sect. for Christie books MYST
Losing proposition? DIET
Maiden name lead-in NEE
Makes right AMENDS
Mary of “The Maltese Falcon” ASTOR
Mayo is fifth in it ANO
Measure of what you can buy PURCHASINGPOWER
Merman on Broadway ETHEL
Oklahoma city ENID
One who doesn’t fit in AFISHOUTOFWATER
One-eighty UIE
Piece of poetic praise ODE
Prohibition incursion RAID
Pronoun for many an individual SHE
Protagonist HERO
Providers of the necessities that end 17-, 26- and 46-Across PUBLICUTILITIES
Quash, as a bill VETO
Really dig ADORE
Renders harmless DEFANGS
Required Hold ’em bet ANTE
Rocks in bars ICE
Scoundrel ROUE
Smooth transitions SEGUES
Tailor’s alteration HEM
Texter’s two-cents intro IMO
The Governator, as he might pronounce it AHNOLD
TV sports pioneer Arledge ROONE
Twisted dry WRUNG
Uppers, drug-wise PEPPILLS
Utensil sticker TINE
When doubled, a dance CHA
WSJ competitor NYT
__ card: two through nine in each suit SPOT
__ vez: another time, in Spanish OTRA