L.A. Times Daily – Aug 11 2022 Crossword Answers

Clues Answers
“House Hunters” channel HGTV
“If I had to bet … “ ODDSARE
“Should I take that as __?” ANO
“That’s a terrible hiding spot” ISEEYOU
Airport city east of Los Angeles ONTARIO
Baby fox KIT
Beginning ONSET
Bucket list item for an aspiring astronaut? COLLECTSTARDUST
Business ltrs LLC
Bygone Russian royal TSAR
Carded IDED
Chutzpah NERVE
Citation software ENDNOTE
Classic arcade game with pixelated aliens, and what three answers in this puzzle have SPACEINVADERS
Collections of cattle HERDS
Cookbook writer Garten INA
David who won the 1994 AL Cy Young Award CONE
Dip in the Mediterranean? AIOLI
Diva’s time to shine ARIA
Dot-__ COMS
Dude BRO
Enters a password LOGSON
Excel function SORT
Fiddle (with) TINKER
Film festival hype? SUNDANCEFEVER
French houses MAISONS
Frozen Four game SEMI
Furious MAD
Good Grips brand OXO
Grove of palm trees, maybe OASIS
Guatemalan girl CHICA
Guffawed ROARED
H.S. class with a unit on heredity APBIO
Hamilton bills TENS
Himalayan ox YAK
Home security? LIEN
Iowa State city AMES
Jack-in-the-box appendage CRANK
Kanga’s kid ROO
Like Sarah Lawrence since 1968 COED
Lil Nas X song subtitled “Call Me by Your Name” MONTERO
Lived and breathed EXISTED
Lose it completely? GOBROKE
Menzel who won a Tony for playing Elphaba in “Wicked” IDINA
Muscat’s country OMAN
Nagging newlywed? HONEYMOONBADGER
National park in Utah ARCHES
New Age singer from County Donegal ENYA
NYC airport on Flushing Bay LGA
Outwitted a Predator? DEKED
Part of una semana DIA
Phony deal SCAM
Requirements NEEDS
Sausalito summer hrs PDT
Scholarship basis MERIT
Seat on the sidewalk BENCH
Silver Alerts, e.g APBS
Small songbirds LARKS
Social insect ANT
Studio site, maybe LOFT
Sweat the small stuff NITPICK
Tennis great profiled in ESPN’s “30 for 30” special “Arthur and Johnnie” ASHE
Toddler’s perch, at times HIP
Traditional March 14 dessert PIE
Triage ctrs ERS
Tubular pasta PENNE
Use as an ingredient ADDIN
When dinosaurs roamed the earth EONSAGO
__ gas NATURAL

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