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L.A. Times Daily – Aug 12 2018

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Clues Answers
“American Gigolo” star GERE
“Awesome!” RAD
“Master of None” star Ansari AZIZ
“Mephisto Waltz” composer LISZT
“No legumes for me, please”? KEEPTHEPEAS
“Norma __” RAE
“Tootsie” Oscar winner LANGE
’50s political monogram DDE
1990s-2000s Senate majority leader LOTT
2007 Will Smith sci-fi flick IAMLEGEND
4-Down, e.g CEO
Actress Scala GIA
Agent REP
Alternative scenarios WHATIFS
Amazon founder BEZOS
Axlike tool ADZE
Back at sea? AFT
Baum princess OZMA
Bit of physics ATOM
Blackens, in a way SOOTS
Box office RECEIPTS
Bridge SPAN
Bring down RAZE
Bungles it ERRS
Burn balm ALOE
Butcher shop section SLAB
C equivalents BSHARPS
California-based shoe company LAGEAR
Capital NNW of Albany OTTAWA
Caribbean island chain? CAYSBYCAYS
Cartoon collectible CEL
City near Düsseldorf ESSEN
City south of Tampa SARASOTA
Clemens, familiarly TWAIN
Co-star of TV’s “Dr. Kildare” MASSEY
Cold War gp KGB
Computer symbol ICON
Cosmetic surg. option LIPO
Dante’s half-dozen SEI
Discomfort UNEASE
Disqualify (oneself), as a judge RECUSE
Door feature KNOB
Drops off NAPS
Dublin-born playwright OCASEY
Edison contemporary TESLA
Electrify, in a way TASE
Eye layer UVEA
Fabled northern workers ELVES
Favored GRACED
Feeding time for the herd? GRAZEPERIOD
First name at Woodstock ARLO
First name in desserts SARA
Flight prefix AERO
Flower starter BUD
Former Belgian prime minister Di Rupo ELIO
Funding for cops? FUZZBUDGET
Gather REAP
Get there ARRIVE
Gets promoted RISES
Gomer and Goober of old TV PYLES
Good sound at the garage PURR
Gun, as an engine REVUP
He pitched in the majors at age 59 PAIGE
High deg PHD
Hodgepodges OLIOS
Home subcontractor TILER
Hydroelectric project DAM
Idled SAT
Clues Answers
Insurgency troops REBELS
It’s in our genes DNA
Itemized deductions form SCHEDULEA
Jeweler’s fitting tool SIZER
Jury member PEER
Kicks out, in a way DEPORTS
L.A. Clippers’ org NBA
Like neat freaks ANAL
Liquor store? BUZZDEPOT
Literary tribute ODE
Logical omission LEAP
Make change for a five? GIVETHEONESOVER
Many a Bob Marley fan RASTA
Megaphone kin BULLHORN
More impertinent SASSIER
Much-admired cooktop? PRIZERANGE
Ness’ feds TMEN
News pg. units COLS
Nice nine? NEUF
Ochoa who was the top-ranked female golfer when she retired LORENA
Old Toyota SUPRA
One of many on most phones APP
Other side FOE
Overwhelming quantities SEAS
Paul’s letters EPISTLES
Phi Delt, e.g FRAT
Phrase often abbreviated ETALIA
Pocket often filled PITA
Post-Thanksgiving dinner feeling, for many FOODCOMA
Prominent poultry purveyor KFC
Property owner’s income RENTS
Ravaged by time AGEWORN
React, barely BATANEYE
Reclusive ASOCIAL
Rejections NOS
Ricelike pasta ORZO
Run smoothly HUM
Scruffs NAPES
Second Amendment concern FIREARMS
Serve in the capacity of ACTAS
Silent signal NOD
Silicon Valley giant INTEL
Slept through the alarm? OVERDOZED
Small plateaus MESAS
Smoothed EVENED
Some laptops HPS
Sound file extension WAV
Span. titles SRAS
Spat suffix ULA
Special forces weapon UZI
Spell out SPECIFY
Sport for heavyweights SUMO
Staff members: Abbr ASSTS
Takes back REVOKES
Toy mentioned in “The Chipmunk Song” HULAHOOP
Trains over roads ELS
Transparent, informally SEETHRU
Trash collectors ASHCANS
Trite comment BROMIDE
Updates, as a reference book REISSUES
Use as support RESTON
Withhold enthusiasm? HARBORZEAL
Year Columbus’ fourth and last voyage began MDII
Yellow Sea peninsula: Abbr KOR
__ fork SALAD
__ oil SESAME
__-relief BAS